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Dipole Moments and Absorption Spectra of o-Benzoquinone and its Related Substances

Journal Article published Feb 1954 in Journal of the American Chemical Society volume 76 issue 4 on pages 1003 to 1005

Authors: Saburo Nagakura, Akira Kuboyama

Molecular Complexes and Their Spectra. XVII. The Iodine and the Chloranil Complexes with Thianthrene Analogs

Journal Article published Jan 1964 in Journal of the American Chemical Society volume 86 issue 2 on pages 164 to 167

Authors: Akira. Kuboyama

Self-Rotation of a Camphor Scraping on Water:  New Insight into the Old Problem

Journal Article published Aug 1997 in Langmuir volume 13 issue 16 on pages 4454 to 4458

Authors: Satoshi Nakata, Yasutaka Iguchi, Sachie Ose, Makiko Kuboyama, Toshio Ishii, Kenichi Yoshikawa

The Chemistry of the Isoquinoline Alkaloids

Journal Article published Sep 1970 in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry volume 13 issue 5 on pages 787 to 787

Authors: Tetsuji. Kametaxi

Photochemical synthesis of isoquinoline alkaloids

Journal Article published Jun 1972 in Accounts of Chemical Research volume 5 issue 6 on pages 212 to 219

Authors: Tetsuji Kametani, Keiichiro Fukumoto

Persistent Triplet Carbenes

Journal Article published 12 Aug 2009 in Chemical Reviews volume 109 issue 8 on pages 3275 to 3332

Authors: Katsuyuki Hirai, Tetsuji Itoh, Hideo Tomioka

On the Binding Energies of Some Molecular Compounds between p-Benzoquinone and Various Aromatic Substances

Journal Article published May 1955 in Journal of the American Chemical Society volume 77 issue 9 on pages 2644 to 2646

Authors: Akira Kuboyama, Saburo Nagakura

Mode of Action of Novel 2-(Benzylamino)-4-methyl-6-(trifluoro- methyl)-1,3,5-triazine Herbicides:  Inhibition of Photosynthetic Electron Transport and Binding Studies

Journal Article published Oct 1999 in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry volume 47 issue 10 on pages 4398 to 4402

Authors: Aiko Ohki, Nobuhiro Kuboyama, Kazuya Koizumi, Akira Tanaka, Yukiharu Sato, Hitoshi Kohno, Peter Böger, Ko Wakabayashi

Active Constituents fromDrynaria fortuneiRhizomes on the Attenuation of Aβ25–35-Induced Axonal Atrophy

Journal Article published 25 Sep 2015 in Journal of Natural Products volume 78 issue 9 on pages 2297 to 2300

Research funded by Uehara Medical Foundation | Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama

Authors: Zhi-You Yang, Tomoharu Kuboyama, Kohei Kazuma, Katsuhiro Konno, Chihiro Tohda

Stereocontrolled Total Synthesis of (+)-Vinblastine

Journal Article published Mar 2002 in Journal of the American Chemical Society volume 124 issue 10 on pages 2137 to 2139

Authors: Satoshi Yokoshima, Toshihiro Ueda, Satoshi Kobayashi, Ayato Sato, Takeshi Kuboyama, Hidetoshi Tokuyama, Tohru Fukuyama