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Social Security and Earlier Retirement in Japan: Cross-Sectional Evidence

Report published Nov 1987

Authors: Tetsuji Yamada, Tadashi Yamada

Nutrition and Infant Health in Japan

Report published Nov 1987

Authors: Tadashi Yamada, Tetsuji Yamada, Frank Chaloupka

Part-time Employment of Married Women and Fertility in Urban Japan

Report published Sep 1984

Authors: Tadashi Yamada, Tetsuji Yamada

Labor Productivity and Market Competition in Japan

Report published Aug 1991

Authors: Tetsuji Yamada, Tadashi Yamada, Guorn Liu

The Allocation of Time: Young Versus Elderly Households in Japan

Report published Jun 1993

Authors: Tadashi Yamada, Tetsuji Yamada

(ALPHA)2(BETA)1 Integrin-Induced Breast Cancer Differentiation.

Report published 1 Aug 1999

Authors: Tetsuji Kamata

(ALPHA) 2 (BETA) 1 Integrin-Induced Breast Cancer Differentiation

Report published 1 Aug 2001

Authors: Tetsuji Kamata

Evaluation of the Performance of a Boosted HCCI Gasoline Engine with Blowdown Supercharge System

Report published Oct 2013

Authors: Shunsuke Gotoh, Tatsuya Kuboyama, Yasuo Moriyoshi, Koichi Hatamura, Toshio Yamada, Junichi Takanashi, Yasuhiro Urata

Applications of mathematical analysis of nonlinear physical systems

Report published 1 Jul 1996

Authors: H. Frauenfelder, P. Hagan, J. Sobehart, Tetsuji Ueda

Part-Time Work vs. Full-Time Work of Married Women in Japan

Report published Apr 1985

Authors: Tadashi Yamada, Tetsuji Yamada