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Development of a Modular Flood Barrier Concept Made from Recycled Plastic

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Applied Mechanics and Materials volume 832 on pages 168 to 173

Authors: Ľubomír Šooš, Juraj Ondruška, Pavel Kovač, Viliam Čačko

Redescription of two troglobiotic species of Deuteraphorura Absolon, 1901
(Collembola, Onychiuridae) from the Western Carpathians

Journal Article published 15 Sep 2016 in Zootaxa volume 4168 issue 2 on page 327


21st International Conference on Subterranean Biology, Košice, Slovakia, 2–7 September 2012

Journal Article published 21 Nov 2013 in Subterranean Biology volume 11 on pages 75 to 78

Authors: Ľubomír Kováč

Dynamics of soil Collembola communities (Hexapoda: Collembola) along the mesoclimatic gradient in a deep karst valley

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2016 in Biologia volume 71 issue 2

Authors: Natália Raschmanová, Dana Miklisová, Ľubomír Kováč

Community structure of soil oribatida (acari) two years after windthrow in the high tatra mountains

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2013 in Biologia volume 68 issue 5

Authors: Jana Lóšková, Peter Ľuptáčik, Dana Miklisová, Ľubomír Kováč

Synthetical Application of Alkyl 2-isothiocyanatocarboxylates. A Simple Synthesis of 5-Substituted-3-amino-2-thioxo-4-imidazolidinones (3-Amino-2-thiohydantoins)

Journal Article published 22 Sep 1999 in Molecules volume 4 issue 10 on pages 279 to 286

Authors: Lubomir Floch, Vladimir Oremus, Martin Kovac

The Impact of Suckling and Post-weaning Period on Blood Chemistry of Piglets

Journal Article published 2009 in Acta Veterinaria Brno volume 78 issue 3 on pages 365 to 371

Authors: Vladimír Petrovič, Jaroslav Novotný, Vladimír Hisira, Róbert Link, Ľubomír Leng, Gabriel Kováč

Purification and characterization of the amylolytic enzymes of Saccharomycopsis fibuligera

Journal Article published Jan 1991 in International Journal of Biochemistry volume 23 issue 1 on pages 21 to 25

Authors: Juraj Gašperík, Ľubomír Kováč, Olga Mináriková

Assessment of the antioxidant potential of selected plant extracts – In vitro and in vivo experiments on pork

Journal Article published Aug 2010 in Meat Science volume 85 issue 4 on pages 779 to 784

Authors: Rudolf Lahucky, Karin Nuernberg, Lubomir Kovac, Ondrej Bucko, Gerd Nuernberg

The effect of mesoclimate on Collembola diversity in the Zádiel Valley, Slovak Karst (Slovakia)

Journal Article published Sep 2008 in European Journal of Soil Biology volume 44 issue 5-6 on pages 463 to 472

Authors: Natália Raschmanová, Ľubomír Kováč, Dana Miklisová

Four new troglobiotic species of the genus Megalothorax Willem, 1900 (Collembola: Neelipleona) from the Carpathian Mountains (Slovakia, Romania)

Journal Article published 22 Nov 2013 in Zootaxa volume 3737 issue 5 on page 545

Authors: Vladimír Papáč, Ľubomír Kováč

Reactions of benzoyl isothiocyanates with azomethines

Journal Article published 1980 in Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications volume 45 issue 8 on pages 2254 to 2259

Authors: Michal Uher, Štefan Kováč, Peter Iliaš, Ľubomír Floch, Augustin Martvoň

Forest disturbance enhanced the activity of epedaphic collembola in windthrown stands of the High Tatra mountains

Journal Article published Mar 2014 in Journal of Mountain Science volume 11 issue 2 on pages 449 to 463

Authors: Veronika Urbanovičová, Dana Miklisová, Ľubomír Kováč

Changes within collembolan communities in windthrown European montane spruce forests 2 years after disturbance by fire

Journal Article published 4 Aug 2011 in Annals of Forest Science volume 69 issue 1 on pages 81 to 92

Authors: Peter Čuchta, Dana Miklisová, Ľubomír Kováč

Genus Neelus Folsom, 1896 (Hexapoda, Collembola) reveals its diversity in cave habitats: two new species from Croatia

Journal Article published 7 Mar 2016 in Zootaxa volume 4088 issue 1 on page 51

Authors: Vladimír Papáč, MARKO LUKIĆ, ĽUBOMÍR KOVÁČ

Diversity and community structure of soil Oribatida (Acari) in an arable field with alluvial soils

Journal Article published May 2012 in European Journal of Soil Biology volume 50 on pages 97 to 105

Authors: Peter Ľuptáčik, Dana Miklisová, Ľubomír Kováč

Cutting Force during Grinding Determined by Regression Analysis and Genetic Algorithms

Journal Article published Feb 2016 in Key Engineering Materials volume 686 on pages 13 to 18

Authors: Pavel Kovač, Vladimir Pucovsky, Marin Gostimirović, Borislav Savković, Ľubomír Šooš, Dušan Ješić

Food sources of selected terrestrial cave arthropods

Journal Article published 8 Jul 2015 in Subterranean Biology volume 16 on pages 37 to 46

Authors: Jaroslav Smrž, Ľubomír Kováč, Jaromír Mikeš, Vladimír Šustr, Alena Lukešová, Karel Tajovsky, Alena Nováková, Petra Režňáková

Binding of Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 to Collagen I:  An Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation

Journal Article published Sep 2002 in Biochemistry volume 41 issue 37 on pages 11091 to 11098

Authors: Gunjan Agarwal, Lubomir Kovac, Czeslaw Radziejewski, Steven J. Samuelsson

Ability ofE. coliCyclic AMP Receptor Protein To Differentiate Cyclic Nucelotides:  Effects of Single Site Mutations†

Journal Article published Mar 2002 in Biochemistry volume 41 issue 9 on pages 2946 to 2955

Authors: Shwu-Hwa Lin, Lubomir Kovac, Anita J. Chin, Christopher C. Q. Chin, J. Ching Lee