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The labour income taxation: Lithuanian case

Journal Article published 2015 in International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems volume 4 issue 1/2 on page 65

Authors: Ilona Skačkauskienė, Živilė Tunčikienė

New Attitude to Functions Reviews of Public Institutions

Journal Article published 2015 in Journal of Business Law and Ethics volume 3 issue 1

Authors: Živilė Tunčikienė, Rolandas Drejeris

Entrepreneurship ecosystem: methodological approaches to functions’ review of public sector institutions

Journal Article published 30 Mar 2015 in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues volume 2 issue 3 on pages 118 to 132

Authors: Živilė Tunčikienė, Rolandas Drejeris

Editors: Manuela Tvaronavičienė

Lithuanian women physicists: Current situation and involvement in gender projects

Conference Paper published 2015

Authors: Dalia Šatkovskienė, Živilė Ruželė, Živilė Rutkūnienė, Alicija Kupliauskienė

Review of 'Eliten und Zivile Gesellschaft: Legitimitätskonflikte in Ostmitteleuropa'

Journal Article published 2015 in Reviews in History

Authors: Steven Jefferson

Der Zivile Friedensdienst im Kontext von „Transitional Justice“

Chapter published 2015 in Konflikte vermitteln? on pages 215 to 246

Authors: Heike Burba, Romy Stanzel

II. Zivile Pipelines

Chapter published 2015 in Integration von Infrastrukturen in Europa im historischen Vergleich on pages 31 to 194

Authors: Michael Poppe

Quick and effective method of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell extraction

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2015 in Open Medicine volume 10 issue 1

Authors: Zivile Gudleviciene, Gabrielis Kundrotas, Regina Liudkeviciene, Jelena Rascon, Marcin Jurga


Journal Article published 5 Nov 2015 in European Integration Studies volume 0 issue 9

Authors: Jolita Greblikaitė, Jurgita Barynienė, Živilė Paužaitė

Peculiarities of Expression of Leadership of Pre-Primary Children in Musical Activities

Journal Article published 10 Apr 2015 in Pedagogika volume 117 issue 1 on pages 118 to 132

Authors: Asta Rauduvaitė, Živilė Virganavičienė