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Journal Article published 2005 in BMC Genomics volume 6 issue 1 on page 122

Authors: Stefano Campanaro, Alessandro Vezzi, Nicola Vitulo, Federico M Lauro, Michela D'Angelo, Francesca Simonato, Alessandro Cestaro, Giorgio Malacrida, Giulio Bertoloni, Giorgio Valle, Douglas H Bartlett

A global gene evolution analysis on Vibrionaceae family using phylogenetic profile

Journal Article published 2007 in BMC Bioinformatics volume 8 issue Suppl 1 on page S23

Authors: Nicola Vitulo, Alessandro Vezzi, Chiara Romualdi, Stefano Campanaro, Giorgio Valle

Detection of stag beetle oviposition sites by combining telemetry and emergence traps

Journal Article published 31 Jul 2017 in Nature Conservation volume 19 on pages 81 to 96

Authors: Massimiliano Tini, Marco Bardiani, Alessandro Campanaro, Franco Mason, Paolo A. Audisio, Giuseppe M. Carpaneto

Guidelines for the monitoring of Lucanus cervus

Journal Article published 28 Aug 2017 in Nature Conservation volume 20 on pages 37 to 78

Authors: Marco Bardiani, Stefano Chiari, Emanuela Maurizi, Massimiliano Tini, Ilaria Toni, Agnese Zauli, Alessandro Campanaro, Giuseppe Maria Carpaneto, Paolo Audisio

Transcriptome structure variability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains determined with a newly developed assembly software

Journal Article published 2014 in BMC Genomics volume 15 issue 1 on page 1045

Authors: Alessandro Sardu, Laura Treu, Stefano Campanaro

Piezophilic adaptation: a genomic point of view

Journal Article published Oct 2006 in Journal of Biotechnology volume 126 issue 1 on pages 11 to 25

Authors: Francesca Simonato, Stefano Campanaro, Federico M. Lauro, Alessandro Vezzi, Michela D’Angelo, Nicola Vitulo, Giorgio Valle, Douglas H. Bartlett

Guidelines for the monitoring of Rosalia alpina

Journal Article published 28 Aug 2017 in Nature Conservation volume 20 on pages 165 to 203

Authors: Alessandro Campanaro, Lara Redolfi De Zan, Sönke Hardersen, Gloria Antonini, Stefano Chiari, Alessandro Cini, Emiliano Mancini, Fabio Mosconi, Sarah Rossi de Gasperis, Emanuela Solano, Marco A. Bologna, Giuseppino Sabbatini Peverieri

Effects of trap baits and height on stag beetle and flower chafer monitoring: ecological and conservation implications

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Journal of Insect Conservation volume 21 issue 1 on pages 157 to 168

Authors: Marco Bardiani, Massimiliano Tini, Giuseppe M. Carpaneto, Paolo Audisio, Elisabetta Bussola, Alessandro Campanaro, Alessandro Cini, Emanuela Maurizi, Franco Mason, Giuseppino Sabbatini Peverieri, Pio Federico Roversi, Ilaria Toni, Stefano Chiari

Dicionário Crítico de Gênero

Journal Article published 30 Dec 2015 in Mandrágora volume 21 issue 2 on pages 237 to 244

Authors: P.K. Campanaro

Infância, Relações de Gênero e Religião: Um Debate Necessário

Journal Article published 30 Jun 2016 in Mandrágora volume 22 issue 1 on pages 69 to 79

Authors: P.K. Campanaro