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5 Pezizomycotina: Eurotiomycetes

Chapter published 2015 in Systematics and Evolution on pages 121 to 141

Authors: David M. Geiser, Katherine F. LoBuglio, Cécile Gueidan

4 Pezizomycotina: Lecanoromycetes

Chapter published 2015 in Systematics and Evolution on pages 89 to 120

Authors: Cécile Gueidan, David J. Hill, Jolanta Miadlikowska, Francois Lutzoni

Multi-locus phylogeny supports the placement of Endocarpon pulvinatum within Staurothele s. str. (lichenised ascomycetes, Eurotiomycetes, Verrucariaceae)

Journal Article published 5 May 2017 in Phytotaxa volume 306 issue 1 on page 37


Molecular phylogeny and systematics of Polyblastia (Verrucariaceae, Eurotiomycetes) and allied genera

Journal Article published Nov 2008 in Mycological Research volume 112 issue 11 on pages 1307 to 1318

Authors: Sanja Savić, Leif Tibell, Cécile Gueidan, François Lutzoni

Using a multigene phylogenetic analysis to assess generic delineation and character evolution in Verrucariaceae (Verrucariales, Ascomycota)

Journal Article published Oct 2007 in Mycological Research volume 111 issue 10 on pages 1145 to 1168

Authors: Cécile Gueidan, Claude Roux, François Lutzoni

Molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of the endolithic lichen genus Bagliettoa (Ascomycota: Verrucariaceae)

Journal Article published 22 Dec 2014 in Taxon volume 63 issue 6 on pages 1177 to 1192

Authors: Jennifer Yuzon, Claude Roux, James C. Lendemer, Cécile Gueidan

A reappraisal of orders and families within the subclass Chaetothyriomycetidae (Eurotiomycetes, Ascomycota)

Journal Article published 23 May 2014 in Mycological Progress volume 13 issue 4

Authors: Cécile Gueidan, André Aptroot, Marcela Eugenia da Silva Cáceres, Hamid Badali, Soili Stenroos

Phylogeny and taxonomy of Staurothele (Verrucariaceae, lichenized ascomycetes) from the karst of northern Vietnam

Journal Article published Jul 2014 in The Lichenologist volume 46 issue 04 on pages 515 to 533

Authors: Cécile GUEIDAN, Truong VAN DO, Ngan Thi LU

Use of ribosomal introns as new markers of genetic diversity in Exophiala dermatitidis

Journal Article published Oct 2011 in Fungal Biology volume 115 issue 10 on pages 1038 to 1050

Authors: Marie Machouart, Cécile Gueidan, Arnaud Khemisti, Rémy Dulongcourty, Montarop Sudhadham, G. Sybren de Hoog

Rock-inhabiting fungi originated during periods of dry climate in the late Devonian and middle Triassic

Journal Article published Oct 2011 in Fungal Biology volume 115 issue 10 on pages 987 to 996

Authors: Cécile Gueidan, Constantino Ruibal, G.S. de Hoog, Harald Schneider