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A Survey on OCR for Overlapping and Broken Characters in Document Image: Problem with Overlapping and Broken Characters in Document Image

Conference Paper published Nov 2014 in 2014 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks

Authors: Abhishek Kumar Gaur, Devendra Singh Bharangar, Munesh Chand Trivedi

Biosensing application of multiwall boron nitride nanotube-based nanoresonator for detecting various viruses

Journal Article published 1 Oct 2015 in IET Nanobiotechnology volume 9 issue 5 on pages 259 to 263

Authors: Sandesh Trivedi, Surinder Kumar, Satish Chand Sharma, Suraj Prakash Harsha

Effect of salinity on survival and growth of giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man)

Journal Article published Nov 2015 in Aquaculture Reports volume 2 on pages 26 to 33

Authors: B.K. Chand, R.K. Trivedi, S.K. Dubey, S.K. Rout, M.M. Beg, U.K. Das

Deepak Trivedi

Journal Article published 29 Dec 2015 in BMJ on page h6908

Authors: Alka Trivedi, Sanjay Arya, Chandra Trivedi

Optimizing multimodality treatment for head and neck cancer in rural India

Journal Article published 2012 in Indian Journal of Cancer volume 49 issue 2 on page 225

Authors: NP Trivedi, P Trivedi, H Trivedi, S Trivedi, N Trivedi

Designing of a mobile irrigation system

Conference Paper published Dec 2015 in 2015 2nd Asia-Pacific World Congress on Computer Science and Engineering (APWC on CSE)

Authors: U. Mehta, P. Chand, K. A. Mamun, S. Kumar, N. Chand, V. Chand, N. Sen, K. Kumar, H. Komaitai

Microvascular free flap reconstruction for head and neck cancer in a resource-constrained environment in rural India

Journal Article published 2013 in Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery volume 46 issue 1 on page 82

Authors: NiravP Trivedi, Pravin Trivedi, Harish Trivedi, Saroj Trivedi, Nirali Trivedi

smesh User's Guide

Report published 5 May 2003

Authors: K K Chand

Physico-Chemical Analysis of Urinary Stones

Chapter published 1989 in Urolithiasis on pages 725 to 726

Authors: M. J. Trivedi, J. J. Trivedi, R. D. Sheth

The Heart and Soul of ART is in the Laboratory The Inside Story

Book published 2004

Authors: Prakash Trivedi, P Trivedi Priti


Chapter published in Bollywood Shakespeares

Authors: Poonam Trivedi

Dr. Chand and Colleagues Reply

Journal Article published 15 Feb 2006 in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry volume 67 issue 02 on page 329

Authors: Prabhat K. Chand, Pratima Murthy, Sandip Anand

Journal Article published 2002 in Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture volume 68 issue 2 on pages 203 to 209

Authors: A.K. Singh, S. Chand, S. Pattnaik, P. K. Chand

Energy efficient clustering for time synchronization in wireless sensor networks

Conference Paper published 2016 in 2016 Fourth International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing (PDGC)

Authors: Gopal Chand Gautam, Narottam Chand

Modeling Pneumatic Conveyor Duct Wear: A New Approach

Conference Paper published 2005 in Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A and B

Authors: Prem Chand, A. C. Saha, Prafull Chand

The materia medica of the Hindus /by Uday Chand Dutt ; with a glossary of Indian plants by George King.

Monograph published 1922

Authors: Udoy Chand. Dutt, George King, Binod Lall Sen

Studies on Quaternary Glaciations in India During 2010-2016

Journal Article published 1 Jul 2016 in Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy volume 82 issue 3

Authors: Milap Chand Sharma, Pritam Chand

Magneto Convection in a Layer of Nanofluid With Soret Effect

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2015 in Acta Mechanica et Automatica volume 9 issue 2

Authors: Ramesh Chand, Gian Chand Rana

Controlled Mobility Time Synchronization for WSNs

Journal Article published 2017 in Wireless Sensor Network volume 09 issue 01 on pages 1 to 15

Authors: Gopal Chand Gautam, Narottam Chand Kaushal

Synthesis and spectral investigation of colorimetric receptors for the dual detection of copper and acetate ions: application in molecular logic gates

Journal Article published 23 Mar 2017 in Supramolecular Chemistry volume 29 issue 8 on pages 561 to 574

Research funded by Science and Engineering Research Board (SB/FT/CS-137/2012)

Authors: Srikala Pangannaya, Arshiya Kaur, Makesh Mohan, Keyur Raval, Dillip Kumar Chand, Darshak R. Trivedi