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Effect of salinity on survival and growth of giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man)

Journal Article published Nov 2015 in Aquaculture Reports volume 2 on pages 26 to 33

Authors: B.K. Chand, R.K. Trivedi, S.K. Dubey, S.K. Rout, M.M. Beg, U.K. Das

Biosensing application of multiwall boron nitride nanotube-based nanoresonator for detecting various viruses

Journal Article published 1 Oct 2015 in IET Nanobiotechnology volume 9 issue 5 on pages 259 to 263

Authors: Sandesh Trivedi, Surinder Kumar, Satish Chand Sharma, Suraj Prakash Harsha

Indigenous ornamental freshwater ichthyofauna of the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, India: status and prospects

Journal Article published 26 Aug 2016 in Journal of Threatened Taxa volume 8 issue 9 on page 9144

Authors: Sandipan Gupta, Sourabh Kumar Dubey, Raman Kumar Trivedi, Bimal Kinkar Chand, Samir Banerjee

A Survey on OCR for Overlapping and Broken Characters in Document Image: Problem with Overlapping and Broken Characters in Document Image

Conference Paper published Nov 2014 in 2014 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks

Authors: Abhishek Kumar Gaur, Devendra Singh Bharangar, Munesh Chand Trivedi

Deepak Trivedi

Journal Article published 29 Dec 2015 in BMJ on page h6908

Authors: Alka Trivedi, Sanjay Arya, Chandra Trivedi

Optimizing multimodality treatment for head and neck cancer in rural India

Journal Article published 2012 in Indian Journal of Cancer volume 49 issue 2 on page 225

Authors: NP Trivedi, P Trivedi, H Trivedi, S Trivedi, N Trivedi

Constitutional change in Fiji 1997: A reply

Journal Article published Nov 1998 in The Journal of Pacific History volume 33 issue 3 on pages 295 to 296

Authors: Vijay Naidu, Ganesh Chand, Subramani, Akhilanand Sharma, Biman Chand Prasad, Anand Chand

Designing of a mobile irrigation system

Conference Paper published Dec 2015 in 2015 2nd Asia-Pacific World Congress on Computer Science and Engineering (APWC on CSE)

Authors: U. Mehta, P. Chand, K. A. Mamun, S. Kumar, N. Chand, V. Chand, N. Sen, K. Kumar, H. Komaitai

Microvascular free flap reconstruction for head and neck cancer in a resource-constrained environment in rural India

Journal Article published 2013 in Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery volume 46 issue 1 on page 82

Authors: NiravP Trivedi, Pravin Trivedi, Harish Trivedi, Saroj Trivedi, Nirali Trivedi

smesh User's Guide

Report published 5 May 2003

Authors: K K Chand


Chapter published in Bollywood Shakespeares

Authors: Poonam Trivedi

The Heart and Soul of ART is in the Laboratory The Inside Story

Book published 2004

Authors: Prakash Trivedi, P Trivedi Priti

Physico-Chemical Analysis of Urinary Stones

Chapter published 1989 in Urolithiasis on pages 725 to 726

Authors: M. J. Trivedi, J. J. Trivedi, R. D. Sheth

Trivedi and Makivic Reply

Journal Article published 6 Feb 1995 in Physical Review Letters volume 74 issue 6 on pages 1039 to 1039

Authors: Nandini Trivedi, Miloje Makivic

Dr. Chand and Colleagues Reply

Journal Article published 15 Feb 2006 in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry volume 67 issue 02 on page 329

Authors: Prabhat K. Chand, Pratima Murthy, Sandip Anand

Pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy with dystrophia adiposogenitalis

Journal Article published Apr 1952 in The Indian Journal of Pediatrics volume 19 issue 2 on pages 70 to 73

Authors: Amir Chand, Devi Chand

Journal Article published 2002 in Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture volume 68 issue 2 on pages 203 to 209

Authors: A.K. Singh, S. Chand, S. Pattnaik, P. K. Chand

The materia medica of the Hindus /by Uday Chand Dutt ; with a glossary of Indian plants by George King.

Monograph published 1922

Authors: Udoy Chand. Dutt, George King, Binod Lall Sen

Studies on Quaternary Glaciations in India During 2010-2016

Journal Article published 1 Jul 2016 in Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy volume 82 issue 3

Authors: Milap Chand Sharma, Pritam Chand

Magneto Convection in a Layer of Nanofluid With Soret Effect

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2015 in Acta Mechanica et Automatica volume 9 issue 2

Authors: Ramesh Chand, Gian Chand Rana