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Journal Article published 2000 in Invertebrate Systematics volume 14 issue 6 on page 953

Authors: Kendi F. Davies, Chris R. Margules

Species Survival in Fragmented Landscapes

Book published 1996 in The GeoJournal Library

Editors: Josef Settele, Chris Margules, Peter Poschlod, Klaus Henle

Conservation planning at the landscape scale

Chapter published in Issues and Perspectives in Landscape Ecology on pages 230 to 237

Authors: Chris Margules

Editors: John A. Wiens, Michael R. Moss

Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Effectiveness of environmental surrogates for the selection of conservation area networks.

Dataset published 20 Jun 2005 in F1000 - Post-publication peer review of the biomedical literature

Authors: Chris Margules

Biodiversity: A biology of numbers and differences

Journal Article published Feb 1997 in Trends in Ecology & Evolution volume 12 issue 2 on page 80

Authors: Chris Margules

Operationalizing biodiversity for conservation planning

Journal Article published Jul 2002 in Journal of Biosciences volume 27 issue 4 on pages 299 to 308

Authors: Sahotra Sarkar, Chris Margules

Place prioritization for biodiversity content

Journal Article published Jul 2002 in Journal of Biosciences volume 27 issue 4 on pages 339 to 346

Authors: Sahotra Sarkar, Anshu Aggarwal, Justin Garson, Chris R. Margules, Juliane Zeidler

Will Biodiversity Be Conserved in Locally-Managed Forests?

Journal Article published 13 Jan 2017 in Land volume 6 issue 1 on page 6

Authors: Jeffrey Sayer, Chris Margules, Agni Boedhihartono

Predictors of Species Sensitivity to Fragmentation

Journal Article published Jan 2004 in Biodiversity and Conservation volume 13 issue 1 on pages 207 to 251

Authors: Klaus Henle, Kendi F. Davies, Michael Kleyer, Chris Margules, Josef Settele

Which Traits of Species Predict Population Declines in Experimental Forest Fragments?

Journal Article published May 2000 in Ecology volume 81 issue 5 on page 1450

Authors: Kendi F. Davies, Chris R. Margules, John F. Lawrence