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Computing autocatalytic sets to unravel inconsistencies in metabolic network reconstructions

Journal Article published 5 Oct 2014 in Bioinformatics volume 31 issue 3 on pages 373 to 381

Authors: Ralf Schmidt, Silvio Waschina, Daniela Boettger-Schmidt, Christian Kost, Christoph Kaleta

Lupin alkaloids from Lupinus polyphyllus

Journal Article published Dec 1992 in Phytochemistry volume 31 issue 12 on pages 4343 to 4345

Authors: Gerhard Veen, Claudia Schmidt, Ludger Witte, Victor Wray, Franz-Christian Czygan

3D-Epoxyoberflächen für DNA-codierte Proteinarrays

Journal Article published Jun 2014 in BIOspektrum volume 20 issue 4 on pages 453 to 455

Authors: Oda Stoevesandt, Ronny Schmidt, Christian Heise, Uwe Schedler

Modelling synergistic effects of appetite regulating hormones

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in Synergy volume 3 issue 1 on pages 1 to 2

Authors: Julie B. Schmidt, Christian Ritz

Accelerating metagenomic read classification on CUDA-enabled GPUs

Journal Article published 3 Jan 2017 in BMC Bioinformatics volume 18 issue 1

Authors: Robin Kobus, Christian Hundt, André Müller, Bertil Schmidt

MetaCache: context-aware classification of metagenomic reads using minhashing

Journal Article published 17 Aug 2017 in Bioinformatics

Authors: André Müller, Christian Hundt, Andreas Hildebrandt, Thomas Hankeln, Bertil Schmidt

Protein refolding is required for assembly of the type three secretion needle

Journal Article published 13 Jun 2010 in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology volume 17 issue 7 on pages 788 to 792

Authors: Ömer Poyraz, Holger Schmidt, Karsten Seidel, Friedmar Delissen, Christian Ader, Hezi Tenenboim, Christian Goosmann, Britta Laube, Andreas F Thünemann, Arturo Zychlinsky, Marc Baldus, Adam Lange, Christian Griesinger, Michael Kolbe

Mechanisms of Proinflammatory Cytokine-Induced Biphasic NF-κB Activation

Journal Article published Nov 2003 in Molecular Cell volume 12 issue 5 on pages 1287 to 1300

Authors: Christian Schmidt, Bailu Peng, Zhongkui Li, Guido M Sclabas, Shuichi Fujioka, Jiangong Niu, Marc Schmidt-Supprian, Douglas B Evans, James L Abbruzzese, Paul J Chiao

A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase 17 (ADAM17) Mediates Inflammation-induced Shedding of Syndecan-1 and -4 by Lung Epithelial Cells

Journal Article published 29 Oct 2009 in Journal of Biological Chemistry volume 285 issue 1 on pages 555 to 564

Authors: Jessica Pruessmeyer, Christian Martin, Franz M. Hess, Nicole Schwarz, Sven Schmidt, Tanja Kogel, Nicole Hoettecke, Boris Schmidt, Antonio Sechi, Stefan Uhlig, Andreas Ludwig

Selective Irreversible Inhibition of Neuronal and Inducible Nitric-oxide Synthase in the Combined Presence of Hydrogen Sulfide and Nitric Oxide

Journal Article published 20 Aug 2015 in Journal of Biological Chemistry volume 290 issue 41 on pages 24932 to 24944

Research funded by Austrian Science Fund (P23135, P24946)

Authors: Christian L. Heine, Renate Schmidt, Kerstin Geckl, Astrid Schrammel, Bernd Gesslbauer, Kurt Schmidt, Bernd Mayer, Antonius C. F. Gorren

Heterogeneous Rieske Proteins in the Cytochromeb6fComplex ofSynechocystisPCC6803?

Journal Article published 11 Jan 2002 in Journal of Biological Chemistry volume 277 issue 13 on pages 10949 to 10954

Authors: Dirk Schneider, Sven Skrzypczak, Stefan Anemüller, Christian L. Schmidt, Andreas Seidler, Matthias Rögner

Automated production of recombinant human proteins as resource for proteome research

Journal Article published 2008 in Proteome Science volume 6 issue 1 on page 4

Authors: Thorsten Kohl, Christian Schmidt, Stefan Wiemann, Annemarie Poustka, Ulrike Korf

RNAi-based validation of antibodies for reverse phase protein arrays

Journal Article published 2010 in Proteome Science volume 8 issue 1 on page 69

Authors: Heiko A Mannsperger, Stefan Uhlmann, Christian Schmidt, Stefan Wiemann, Özgür Sahin, Ulrike Korf

Inducible DNA-loop formation blocks transcriptional activation by an SV40 enhancer

Journal Article published 13 Jan 2005 in The EMBO Journal volume 24 issue 2 on pages 358 to 367

Authors: Stefan Ludwig Ameres, Lars Drueppel, Klaus Pfleiderer, Andreas Schmidt, Wolfgang Hillen, Christian Berens

N-[(—)-Jasmonoyl]-s-tryptophan and a related tryptophan conjugate from Vicia faba

Journal Article published 1988 in Phytochemistry volume 27 issue 1 on pages 275 to 276

Authors: Christian Brückner, Robert Kramell, Gernot Schneider, Jürgen Schmidt, Alfred Preiss, Günther Sembdner, Klaus Schreiber

Tripartite streptokinase gene fusion vectors for gram-positive and gram-negative procaryotes

Journal Article published May 1988 in MGG Molecular & General Genetics volume 212 issue 2 on pages 295 to 300

Authors: Christian Klessen, Karl Herrmann Schmidt, Joseph J. Ferretti, Horst Malke

Proteomic analysis of dimorphic transition in the phytopathogenic fungusUstilago maydis

Journal Article published Mar 2007 in PROTEOMICS volume 7 issue 5 on pages 675 to 685

Authors: Maik Böhmer, Thomas Colby, Christian Böhmer, Anne Bräutigam, Jürgen Schmidt, Michael Bölker

Macroautophagy as a Pathomechanism in Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis

Journal Article published 16 Jul 2007 in Autophagy volume 3 issue 4 on pages 384 to 386

Authors: Jan D. Lünemann, Jens C. Schmidt, Marinos C. Dalakas, Christian Münz

Hapl-o-Mat: open-source software for HLA haplotype frequency estimation from ambiguous and heterogeneous data

Journal Article published 30 May 2017 in BMC Bioinformatics volume 18 issue 1

Authors: Christian Schäfer, Alexander H. Schmidt, Jürgen Sauter

A cysteine-11 to serine mutant of Gα12impairs activation through the thrombin receptor

Journal Article published 16 Jun 1998 in FEBS Letters volume 429 issue 3 on pages 370 to 374

Authors: Evgeni Ponimaskin, Christian Harteneck, Günter Schultz, Michael F.G. Schmidt