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Chapter published 2010 in Darum Wehrpflicht! on pages 11 to 12

Authors: Christian Schmidt


Chapter published 2010 in Medizinische Gefahrenabwehr on pages 47 to 108

Authors: Christian K. Lackner, Thomas Luiz, Jörg Schmidt, Bert Urban

Localization of electrical defects in system in package devices using Lock-in Thermography

Conference Paper published Sep 2010 in 3rd Electronics System Integration Technology Conference ESTC

Authors: Christian Schmidt, Christian Grosse, Frank Altmann

Failure Diagnostics for 3D System Integration Technologies in Microelectronics

Conference Paper published 2010

Authors: Frank Altmann, Christian Schmidt, Sebastian Brand, Peter Czurratis, Matthias Petzold

Taxonomic reassessment of Zale lunifera (Hübner) (Erebidae, Erebinae)

Journal Article published 18 Mar 2010 in ZooKeys volume 39 on pages 99 to 106

Authors: Christian Schmidt

Chemical synthesis of lipoteichoic acid and derivatives

Chapter published 2010 in Microbial Glycobiology on pages 455 to 476

Authors: Christian Marcus Pedersen, Richard R. Schmidt

Mit der richtigen Markenstrategie erneut zu nachhaltigem Erfolg

Chapter published 2010 in JAHRBUCH MARKENTECHNIK 2011/2012 on pages 61 to 74

Authors: Christian Schmidt

Economic Large-Scale Synthesis of o- and m-Diphenylphosphinobenzoic Acids

Journal Article published 15 Mar 2010 in Synthesis volume 2010 issue 11 on pages 1924 to 1928

Authors: Bernhard Breit, Susanne Kemme, Yvonne Schmidt, Christian Grünanger, Andy Laungani, Christian Herber

Three-dimensional angiographic imaging of leakage in branch retinal vein occlusion

Journal Article published Mar 2010 in Acta Ophthalmologica volume 88 issue 2 on pages 181 to 187

Authors: Ursula Margarethe Schmidt-Erfurth, Geraldine Stock, Christian Pruente, Christian Ahlers

Experimental Theology in America: Madame Guyon, Fénelon, and Their Readers (review)

Journal Article published 2010 in Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality volume 10 issue 1 on pages 109 to 111

Authors: Leigh Eric Schmidt