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Trisetum curvisetum (Poaceae: Aveneae), a New Species from Mexico

Journal Article published Oct 1983 in Brittonia volume 35 issue 4 on page 374

Authors: Clifford W. Morden, Jesus Valdes-Reyna

Panicum tamaulipense (Poaceae: Paniceae): A New Species from Mexico

Journal Article published Apr 1983 in Systematic Botany volume 8 issue 2 on page 221

Authors: Floyd R. Waller, Clifford W. Morden

Hawaiian Biogeography. Evolution on a Hot Spot Archipelago.

Journal Article published Apr 1997 in Systematic Botany volume 22 issue 2 on page 405

Authors: Clifford W. Morden, W. L. Wagner, V. A. Funk

Journal Article published 1999 in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution volume 46 issue 6 on pages 579 to 586

Authors: Mallikarjuna K. Aradhya, Richard M. Manshardt, Francis Zee, Clifford W. Morden

Utility of RAPD Markers in Evaluating the Status of the Hawaiian Tree Fern Cibotium x heleniae

Journal Article published 2001 in Pacific Science volume 55 issue 2 on pages 145 to 155

Authors: Timothy J. Motley, Clifford W. (Clifford Wayne) Morden

Genetic Diversification among Populations of the Endangered Hawaiian Endemic Euphorbia kuwaleana (Euphorbiaceae)1

Journal Article published Jan 2014 in Pacific Science volume 68 issue 1 on pages 75 to 83

Authors: Clifford W. Morden, Troy Hiramoto, Mitsuko Yorkston

Comparison of Sequences and Organization of Photosynthesis Genes among the Prochlorophyte Prochlorothrix Hollandica, Cyanobacteria, and Chloroplasts

Chapter published 1992 in Origins of Plastids on pages 141 to 158

Authors: Susan S. Golden, Clifford W. Morden, Karen L. Greer

A gene modifying mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase isozymes inSorghum (Gramineae)

Journal Article published Dec 1986 in Biochemical Genetics volume 24 issue 11-12 on pages 813 to 819

Authors: John Doebley, Clifford W. Morden, Keith F. Schertz

Gouldochloa, a New Genus of Centothecoid Grasses from Tamaulipas, Mexico

Journal Article published Jan 1986 in Systematic Botany volume 11 issue 1 on page 112

Authors: Jesus Valdes R., Clifford W. Morden, Stephan L. Hatch

Stipa hirticulmis (Poaceae: Stipeae), a New Species from Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Journal Article published Jan 1986 in Systematic Botany volume 11 issue 1 on page 186

Authors: Stephan L. Hatch, Jesus Valdes R., Clifford W. Morden