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New Electrical Apparatus

Journal Article published 4 Jul 1896 in Scientific American volume 42 issue 1070supp on pages 17107 to 17107

Salmon City and Leesburg DOI: 10.5876/

Chapter published 2016 in A History of Gold Dredging in Idaho on pages 141 to 156

Authors: Clark C. Spence

Kidney-Heart Interactions in Acute Kidney Injury

Journal Article published 2016 in Nephron volume 134 issue 3 on pages 141 to 144

Authors: Kent Doi

Beratung II: Verstehende Beratung

Chapter published 2016 in Die temporäre Organisation on pages 141 to 154

Authors: Martin Elbe, Sibylle Peters

Bleibeverhandlungen des Zeitgeistes: Die museale Verdrängung der Vergangenheit

Chapter published 2016 in Das Kunstmuseum on pages 141 to 154

Authors: Walter Grasskamp

The Leadership Commitment

Chapter published 2016 in The Agile Consultant on pages 141 to 154

Authors: Rick Freedman

Index Fragmentation

Chapter published 2016 in Pro SQL Server Internals on pages 141 to 154

Authors: Dmitri Korotkevitch

mTOR, Nutrition, and Aging

Chapter published 2016 in Molecular Basis of Nutrition and Aging on pages 141 to 154

Authors: Giuseppe D’Antona

Restoried Script Performance

Chapter published 2016 in The Self in Performance on pages 141 to 154

Authors: Pam Dunne

Acts 10-12

Chapter published 18 Nov 2016 in The Acts of the Apostles Through the Centuries on pages 126 to 141

Chapter-12 Vascular system

Chapter published 2010 in Revision Notes for the MRCS Viva on pages 141 to 154

Authors: Kanchana Sundaramurthy


Journal Article published 1 May 1903 in The American Mathematical Monthly volume 10 issue 5 on page 141

Authors: M. E. Graber, G. W. Greenwood

10 Downing Street

Chapter published 1985 in The British Prime Minister on pages 141 to 154

Authors: Richard E. Neustadt

Book Reviews

Journal Article published 1 Mar 2005 in Science Technology & Society volume 10 issue 1 on pages 141 to 154

Journal Article published 2002 in Asia Pacific Law Review volume 10 issue 1 on pages 141 to 154

Authors: DK Srivastava, Scarlet Tsao

Layered models and tunneling in HTSC

Journal Article published Oct 1994 in Applied Superconductivity volume 2 issue 10-12 on pages 741 to 745

Authors: pu.M. Shukrinov, Kh. Nasrulloev, Kh. Mirpoaminov, I. Sarhadov

Adalimumab/certolizumab pegol/etanercept/infliximab

Journal Article published May 2016 in Reactions Weekly volume 1600 issue 1 on pages 22 to 22

Fractal Kinetics of Fracture

Chapter published 2016 in Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology on pages 141 to 177

Authors: Ahad Kh. Janahmadov, Maksim Y. Javadov

Chromium combustion in a nitrogen coflow

Journal Article published Jul 2016 in Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves volume 52 issue 4 on pages 418 to 426

Authors: M. Kh. Ziatdinov


Chapter published in PhytoPraxis on pages 141 to 154