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Book published 20 Apr 2017 in University of Illinois Press

Authors: James J. Lorence, Donna Lorence

The Identity of Portlandia guatemalensis (Rubiaceae)

Journal Article published Jan 1986 in Systematic Botany volume 11 issue 1 on page 209

Authors: David H. Lorence

New Species in Mexican and Mesoamerican Rubiaceae

Journal Article published 1994 in Novon volume 4 issue 2 on page 119

Authors: David H. Lorence

Figure 4 from: Wagner W, Lorence D (2011) Revision of Coprosma (Rubiaceae, tribe Anthospermeae) in the Marquesas Islands. PhytoKeys 4: 109-124.

Component published

A phylogenetic list of the genera of Rubiaceae in Mexico

Journal Article published 1 Oct 1990 in Acta Botanica Mexicana issue 12 on page 1

Authors: David H. Lorence

A new species of Cyanea (Campanulaceae, Lobelioideae) from Maui, Hawaiian Islands

Journal Article published 20 Jun 2012 in PhytoKeys volume 13 issue 0 on pages 15 to 23

Authors: Hank Oppenheimer, David Lorence

A Biosystematic Study of the African and Madagascan Rubiaceae--Anthospermeae

Journal Article published Nov 1987 in Taxon volume 36 issue 4 on page 782

Authors: David H. Lorence, C. Puff

On the Status of Randia armata (Sw.) DC. (Rubiaceae: Gardenieae)

Journal Article published Nov 1993 in Taxon volume 42 issue 4 on page 865

Authors: Charlotte M. Taylor, David H. Lorence

The Fruits of Decarydendron (Monimiaceae)

Journal Article published 1987 in Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden volume 74 issue 2 on page 445

Authors: David H. Lorence

Oxalis simplicifolia (Oxalidaceae), an unusual new unifoliolate species from the Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia)

Journal Article published 12 Jul 2011 in PhytoKeys volume 4 issue 0 on page 53

Authors: David Lorence, Warren Wagner