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Connectivity, Corridors and Stepping Stones

Chapter published in Managing and Designing Landscapes for Conservation on pages 280 to 289

Authors: Denis A. Saunders

Reintegrating Fragmented Landscapes

Book published 1993

Editors: Richard J. Hobbs, Denis A. Saunders

Book review

Journal Article published Sep 2005 in Biological Conservation volume 125 issue 1 on page 140

Authors: Denis A. Saunders

Conference report

Journal Article published Dec 1994 in Australian Zoologist volume 29 issue 3-4 on pages 157 to 157

Authors: Denis Saunders, John Craig


Journal Article published 1993 in Biological Conservation volume 63 issue 2 on pages 187 to 188

Authors: Denis A. Saunders, Richard J. Hobbs

Habitat fragmentation and landscape change

Chapter published 1 Jan 2010 in Conservation Biology for All on pages 88 to 106

Authors: Andrew F. Bennett, Denis A. Saunders


Chapter published in Ecological Networks and Greenways on pages xv to xvi

Authors: Denis A. Saunders

Editors: Rob H. G. Jongman, Gloria Pungetti

D. L. Serventy Medal 2006 Citation: Denis A. Saunders

Journal Article published 2006 in Emu volume 106 issue 4 on page 339

Authors: Penny Olsen

Royal Air Force, 1939-1945. Volume I, The Fight at Odds

Journal Article published Jul 1956 in The American Historical Review volume 61 issue 4 on page 957

Authors: Robin D. S. Higham, Denis Richards, Hilary St. G. Saunders, Hilary St. G. Saunders

Vegetation Remnants: Their Role in Nature Conservation

Journal Article published Dec 1985 in Environmental Conservation volume 12 issue 04 on page 370

Authors: Denis Saunders, Graham Arnold, Andrew Burbidge, Angas Hopkins

The landscape approach to conservation: community involvement, the only practical solution

Journal Article published Jun 1990 in Australian Zoologist volume 26 issue 2 on pages 49 to 53

Authors: Denis A. Saunders

Variability between Scales: Predictors of Nomadism in Birds of an Australian Mediterranean-climate Ecosystem

Journal Article published Jun 2002 in Ecosystems volume 5 issue 4 on pages 0348 to 0359

Authors: Craig R. Allen, Denis A. Saunders

Multimodel Inference and the Understanding of Complexity, Discontinuity, and Normadism

Journal Article published Aug 2006 in Ecosystems volume 9 issue 5 on pages 694 to 699

Authors: Craig R. Allen, Denis A. Saunders

Obituary : Ian Rowley, 6 February 1926–29 May 2009

Journal Article published 2009 in Emu volume 109 issue 3 on page 270

Authors: Denis A. Saunders, Michael G. Brooker

Can we integrate nature conservation with agricultural production?

Journal Article published Feb 1994 in Landscape and Urban Planning volume 28 issue 1 on pages 63 to 71

Authors: Denis A. Saunders

Nature conservation: the role of networks

Journal Article published Apr 1995 in Landscape and Urban Planning volume 32 issue 1 on pages 71 to 72

Authors: Denis A. Saunders, John L. Craig

Integrated landscape ecology: A Western Australian perspective

Journal Article published 1993 in Biological Conservation volume 64 issue 3 on pages 231 to 238

Authors: Richard J. Hobbs, Denis A. Saunders, Graham W. Arnold

Obituary, Ivor E. Beatty OAM.

Journal Article published 2012 in Pacific Conservation Biology volume 18 issue 4 on page 225

Authors: Denis A Saunders, Harry F Recher

Biological Consequences of Ecosystem Fragmentation: A Review

Journal Article published Mar 1991 in Conservation Biology volume 5 issue 1 on pages 18 to 32


The origin and characteristics of the Algerian Current

Journal Article published 1990 in Journal of Geophysical Research volume 95 issue C2 on page 1587

Authors: Robert A. Arnone, Denis A. Wiesenburg, Kim D. Saunders