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Chapter published 2013 in Ecosystem Services on pages xxix to xxxii

Authors: Hendrik Segers, Dimitri Brosens, Hans Keune, Sander Jacobs, Nicolas Dendoncker, Patrick Meire

Alien macroinvertebrates in Flanders (Belgium)

Journal Article published 2016 in Aquatic Invasions volume 11 issue 2 on pages 131 to 144

Authors: Pieter Boets, Dimitri Brosens, Koen Lock, Tim Adriaens, Bart Aelterman, Joost Mertens, Peter Goethals

FORMIDABEL: The Belgian Ants Database

Journal Article published 3 Jun 2013 in ZooKeys volume 306 on pages 59 to 70

Authors: Wouter Dekoninck, Dimitri Brosens, Francois Vankerkhoven, David Ignace, Philippe Wegnez, Nico Noé, André Heughebaert, Jeannine Bortels

Florabank1: a grid-based database on vascular plant distribution in the northern part of Belgium (Flanders and the Brussels Capital region)

Journal Article published 16 May 2012 in PhytoKeys volume 12 issue 0 on pages 59 to 67

Authors: Wouter Van Landuyt, Leo Vanhecke, Dimitri Brosens

VIS – A database on the distribution of fishes in inland and estuarine waters in Flanders, Belgium

Journal Article published 22 Jan 2015 in ZooKeys volume 475 on pages 119 to 145

Authors: Dimitri Brosens, Jan Breine, Gerlinde Van Thuyne, Claude Belpaire, Peter Desmet, Hugo Verreycken


Journal Article published Sep 2006 in Fertility and Sterility volume 86 issue 3 on page S269

Authors: I. Brosens, P. De Sutter, T. Hamerlynck, L. Imeraj, J.J. Brosens, M. Dhont

Koenraad Brosens. Review of "Henry VIII and the Art of Majesty: Tapestries at the Tudor Court" by Thomas P. Campbell.

Journal Article published 9 Apr 2008 in

Authors: Koenraad Brosens

Endometrial dating—still room for controversy

Journal Article published Jun 2005 in Fertility and Sterility volume 83 issue 6 on pages 1889 to 1890

Authors: Philippe Koninckx, Jan Joris Brosens, Ivo Brosens

Preoperative investigations

Chapter published 29 Nov 2005 in Modern Management of Endometriosis on pages 71 to 85

Authors: Karen Kinkel, Jan Brosens, Ivo Brosens

Reproductive disorders and pregnancy outcome

Chapter published in Implantation and Early Development on pages 240 to 252

Authors: Jan J Brosens, Luca Fusi, Robert Pijneborg, Ivo A Brosens

Editors: Hilary Critchley, Iain Cameron, Stephen Smith

Unraveling the anatomy

Chapter published in Placental Bed Disorders on pages 5 to 10

Authors: Ivo Brosens

Editors: Robert Pijnenborg, Ivo Brosens, Roberto Romero

Defective spiral artery remodeling

Chapter published in Placental Bed Disorders on pages 11 to 21

Authors: Ivo Brosens, T. Yee Khong

Editors: Robert Pijnenborg, Ivo Brosens, Roberto Romero


Chapter published in Placental Bed Disorders on pages 29 to 40

Authors: Brianna Cloke, Luca Fusi, Jan Brosens

Editors: Robert Pijnenborg, Ivo Brosens, Roberto Romero

Neonatal uterine bleeding as antecedent of pelvic endometriosis

Journal Article published 17 Sep 2013 in Human Reproduction volume 28 issue 11 on pages 2893 to 2897

Authors: I. Brosens, J. Brosens, G. Benagiano


Chapter published 1988 in Gynaecological Endoscopy on pages 139 to 146

Authors: I. A. Brosens

Uterine adenomyosis: a need for uniform terminology and consensus classification

Journal Article published Jan 2008 in Reproductive BioMedicine Online volume 17 issue 2 on pages 244 to 248

Authors: Stephan Gordts, Jan J Brosens, Luca Fusi, Giuseppe Benagiano, Ivo Brosens

Decidualization of the Human Endometrium: Mechanisms, Functions, and Clinical Perspectives

Journal Article published Nov 2007 in Seminars in Reproductive Medicine volume 25 issue 6 on pages 445 to 453

Authors: Birgit Gellersen, Ivo Brosens, Jan Brosens

Neonatal menstruation explains epidemiological links between fetomaternal conditions and adolescent endometriosis

Journal Article published 2015 in Journal of Endometriosis volume 7 issue 2 on pages 51 to 55

Authors: Ivo Brosens, Caroline Gargett, Stephan Gordts, Jan Brosens, Giuseppe Benagiano

Endometriosis is a risk factor for spontaneous hemoperitoneum during pregnancy

Journal Article published Oct 2009 in Fertility and Sterility volume 92 issue 4 on pages 1243 to 1245

Authors: Ivo A. Brosens, Luca Fusi, Jan J. Brosens

Self-assessment of the cervical pupil sign as a new fertility-awareness method

Journal Article published Mar 2009 in Fertility and Sterility volume 91 issue 3 on pages 937 to 939

Authors: Ivo Brosens, Pierre Hernalsteen, André Devos, Brianna Cloke, Jan J. Brosens