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The Rate of Convergence for Linear Shape-Preserving Algorithms

Journal Article published 30 Jan 2015 in Concrete Operators volume 2 issue 1

Authors: Dmitry Boytsov, Sergei Sidorov

Nanometallocarbosilanes: Synthesis, Physicochemical Properties and Structure

Journal Article published 28 Mar 2014 in Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering volume 8 issue 3

Authors: Galina Shcherbakova, Pavel Storozhenko, Mariya Blokhina, Valery Shatunov, Denis Sidorov, Dmitry Sidorov, Gleb Yurkov

Taxonomy of the spring dwelling amphipod Synurella ambulans (Crustacea: Crangonyctidae) in West Russia: with notes on its distribution and ecology

Journal Article published 27 Sep 2012 in European Journal of Taxonomy volume 0 issue 23

Authors: Dmitry A. Sidorov, Dmitry Palatov

Shedding light on a cryptic cavernicole: A second species of Zenkevitchia Birstein (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Typhlogammaridae) discovered via molecular techniques

Journal Article published 28 Apr 2015 in Subterranean Biology volume 15 on pages 37 to 55

Authors: Dmitry Sidorov, Andrey Gontcharov, Dmitry Palatov, Steven Taylor, Alexander Semenchenko

Problem solving in the object-oriented technological environment NeMo+

Chapter published 1996 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 91 to 100

Authors: Vitaly Telerman, Vladimir Sidorov, Dmitry Ushakov

Applying wavelets and evolutionary algorithms to automatic image enhancement

Conference Paper published 30 Nov 2006

Authors: Artem A. Belousov, Vladimir G. Spitsyn, Dmitry V. Sidorov

Editors: Gennadii G. Matvienko, Victor A. Banakh

Modification of SSIM Metrics

Chapter published 2014 in Communications in Computer and Information Science on pages 351 to 355

Authors: Alexander Osokin, Dmitry Sidorov

Constraint Programming Techniques for Solving Problems on Graphs

Chapter published 2000 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 424 to 433

Authors: Vladimir Sidorov, Vitaly Telerman, Dmitry Ushakov

Distance sensing to rough semitransparent and multiscattering materials using dynamic speckles

Journal Article published 21 Sep 2009 in Applied Optics volume 48 issue 28 on page 5266

Authors: Dmitry Semenov, Igor Sidorov, Ervin Nippolainen

Self-assembled electrical circuits and their electronic properties

Journal Article published 2006 in Faraday Discuss. volume 131 on pages 325 to 335

Authors: Miron Hazani, Dmitry Shvarts, Dana Peled, Victor Sidorov, Ron Naaman

Nonergodicity in binary alloys

Journal Article published 21 Sep 2015 in Journal of Physics: Conference Series volume 633 on page 012023

Authors: Leonid Son, Valery Sidorov, Pjotr Popel, Dmitry Shulgin

Project or Process? How to Measure the Real Type of Employees' Activity?

Conference Paper published Dec 2011 in 2011 IEEE Ninth International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing

Authors: Dmitry Romanov, Pavel Sidorov

Power triggered vacuum switches for 50 Hz networks

Conference Paper published Jun 2012 in 2012 IEEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference (IPMHVC)

Authors: Vladimir Sidorov, Dmitry Alferov, Roman Bunin, Dmitriy Evsin

Evaluation of IWV from the numerical weather prediction WRF model with PPP GNSS processing for Bulgaria

Journal Article published 15 Jul 2016 in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions on pages 1 to 15

Authors: Tzvetan Simeonov, Dmitry Sidorov, Felix Norman Teferle, Georgi Milev, Guergana Guerova

Statistics of dynamic speckles in application to distance measurements

Journal Article published Mar 2009 in Optical Review volume 16 issue 2 on pages 160 to 166

Authors: Alexei A. Kamshilin, Serguei V. Miridonov, Igor S. Sidorov, Dmitry V. Semenov, Ervin Nippolainen

Self-assembled carbon-nanotube-based field-effect transistors

Journal Article published 22 Nov 2004 in Applied Physics Letters volume 85 issue 21 on pages 5025 to 5027

Authors: Miron Hazani, Dmitry Shvarts, Dana Peled, Victor Sidorov, Ron Naaman

A new genus and two new species of cavernicolous amphipods (Crustacea: Typhlogammaridae) from the Western Caucasus

Journal Article published 24 Dec 2015 in European Journal of Taxonomy volume 0 issue 168

Authors: Dmitry A. Sidorov, Andrey A. Gontcharov, Svetlana N. Sharina

Procrangonyx stygoedincus, a new species of subterranean amphipod (Pseudocrangonyctidae) from the Far East of Russia, with remarks on biogeographic relationships

Journal Article published 1 Apr 2007 in Crustaceana volume 80 issue 4 on pages 417 to 430

Authors: Dmitry Sidorov, John Holsinger

Automation of the interpolation of pre-processor basic data for program complex “press 3D URAL”

Journal Article published 22 Mar 2013 in Journal of Advanced Computer Science & Technology volume 2 issue 2

Authors: Igor Albertovich Brigadnov, Dmitry V. Sidorov, Sergey P. Mozer


Journal Article published 2013 in Progress In Electromagnetics Research B volume 52 on pages 57 to 78

Authors: Valentine F. Borulko, Oleg O. Drobakhin, Dmitry V. Sidorov