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Anatomic Landmarks To Estimate the Length of the Diaphragm From Chest Radiographs

Journal Article published Aug 2001 in Chest volume 120 issue 2 on pages 444 to 452

Authors: François Bellemare, Jacques Couture, Marie-Pierre Cordeau, Pierre Leblanc, Edwin Lafontaine

Effects of Emphysema and Lung Volume Reduction Surgery on Transdiaphragmatic Pressure and Diaphragm Length

Journal Article published Jun 2002 in Chest volume 121 issue 6 on pages 1898 to 1910

Authors: François Bellemare, Marie-Pierre Cordeau, Jacques Couture, Edwin Lafontaine, Pierre Leblanc, Louise Passerini

Do multiple short bouts of exercise really produce the same benefits as single long bouts?

Journal Article published Feb 1991 in The American Journal of Cardiology volume 67 issue 4 on pages 325 to 326

Authors: Tom LaFontaine, Linda Robbins

Cryo balloon ablation in the left atria and esophageal injury

Journal Article published May 2005 in Heart Rhythm volume 2 issue 5 on page S237

Authors: Dinas Aleksonis, Daniel Lafontaine, Alexandru Chicos, Andrew Mykytsey, Boaz Avitall

New Cryotechnology for Electrical Isolation of the Pulmonary Veins

Journal Article published 11 Apr 2003 in Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology volume 14 issue 3 on pages 281 to 286


P-055: Atypical left ventricular hypertrophy of hypertensive patient: a case report

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Annales de Cardiologie et d'Angéiologie volume 64 on page S42

Authors: A. Monfort, N. Ozier Lafontaine, A. Rami, V. Cavalier, J. Inamo

Managing acute severe hypertension during coronary angiography: Lessons from a challenging case

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2016 in Blood Pressure volume 25 issue 3 on pages 193 to 195

Authors: Audrey Zabulon, Nathalie Ozier-Lafontaine, Inamo Jocelyn


Journal Article published Aug 1978 in Chest volume 74 issue 2 on page 19

Authors: Donald G. Ritter, Donald J. Hagler

Pulmonary Infiltrates with Eosinophilia Associated with Tetracycline

Journal Article published Jul 1979 in Chest volume 76 issue 1 on pages 33 to 36

Authors: Donald Ho, Donald P. Tashkin, Marshall E. Bein, Om Sharma

Brachial, radial, or femoral approach for elective Palmaz-Schatz stent implantation: A randomized comparison

Journal Article published Jun 1997 in Catheterization and Cardiovascular Diagnosis volume 41 issue 2 on pages 124 to 130

Authors: Edouard Benit, Luc Missault, Thierry Eeman, Marc Carlier, Luc Muyldermans, Pierre Materne, Pol Lafontaine, Jan De Keyser, Olivier Decoster, Suzanne Pourbaix, Marc Castadot, Jean Boland

Neoadjuvant Etoposide, Ifosfamide, and Cisplatin Followed by Concomitant Thoracic Radiotherapy and Continuous Cisplatin Infusion in Stage IIIb Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Journal Article published Jan 1999 in Chest volume 115 issue 1 on pages 144 to 150

Authors: Jean-Louis Pujol, Thierry Lafontaine, Xavier Quantin, Monique Reme-Saumon, Didier Cupissol, Farid Khial, François-Bernard Michel

The safety and efficacy of multiple consecutive cryo lesions in canine pulmonary veins-left atrial junction

Journal Article published Jul 2004 in Heart Rhythm volume 1 issue 2 on pages 203 to 209

Authors: Boaz Avitall, Daniel Lafontaine, Grzegorz Rozmus, Naveed Adoni, Khoi M. Le, Abdelkader Dehnee, Arvydas Urbonas

Ablation of Atrial-Ventricular Junction Tissues via the Coronary Sinus Using Cryo Balloon Technology

Journal Article published Apr 2005 in Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology volume 12 issue 3 on pages 203 to 211

Authors: Boaz Avitall, Daniel Lafontaine, Grzegorz Rozmus, Naveed Adoni, Abed Dehnee, Arvydas Urbonas, Khoi M. Le, Dinas Aleksonis

Clinical evidence for a health benefit from cardiac rehabilitation: An update

Journal Article published Nov 2006 in American Heart Journal volume 152 issue 5 on pages 835 to 841

Authors: Mark A. Williams, Philip A. Ades, Larry F. Hamm, Steven J. Keteyian, Thomas P. LaFontaine, Jeffrey L. Roitman, Ray W. Squires

The first testing of double balloon cryo ablation of PVs LA tissues for the creation of circumferential LA lesions

Journal Article published May 2005 in Heart Rhythm volume 2 issue 5 on page S196

Authors: Boaz Avitall, Dinas Aleksonis, Daniel Lafontaine, Alexandru Chicos, Andrew Mykytsey

High-density biatrial pacing protects against atrial fibrillation by synchronizing left atrial tissue

Journal Article published 9 Dec 2009 in Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology volume 27 issue 2 on pages 81 to 87

Authors: James C. Hansen, Rakesh Latchamsetty, Nimrod Lavi, Sreekanth Uppuluri, Daniel Lafontaine, Roger Hastings, Boaz Avitall

Acetaminophen Decreases Early Post-Thoracotomy Ipsilateral Shoulder Pain in Patients With Thoracic Epidural Analgesia: A Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study

Journal Article published Aug 2005 in Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia volume 19 issue 4 on pages 475 to 478

Authors: Thien Bich Mac, François Girard, Philippe Chouinard, Daniel Boudreault, Edwin R. Lafontaine, Monique Ruel, Pasquale Ferraro

TCT-383 Transcutaneous-Powered Electrohydraulic Counterpulsation System For Ambulatory Non-Obligatory Chronic Heart Failure Treatment

Journal Article published Oct 2012 in Journal of the American College of Cardiology volume 60 issue 17 on pages B109 to B110

Authors: William Cohn, Mark Slaughter, Rodney Parkin, Dan Lafontaine, William Peters

Pilot study of pulmonary arterial branch sealing using energy devices in an ex vivo model

Journal Article published Dec 2014 in The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery volume 148 issue 6 on pages 3219 to 3223

Authors: Moishe Liberman, Mohamed Khereba, Eric Goudie, Jordan Kazakov, Vicky Thiffault, Edwin Lafontaine, Pasquale Ferraro

Pulmonary artery sealing with ultrasonic energy in open lobectomy: A phase I clinical trial

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery volume 153 issue 6 on pages 1600 to 1607

Authors: Eric Goudie, Vicky Thiffault, Adeline Jouquan, Edwin Lafontaine, Pasquale Ferraro, Moishe Liberman