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PRMS-IV, the precipitation-runoff modeling system, version 4

Other published 2015 in Techniques and Methods

Authors: Steven L. Markstrom, Robert S. Regan, Lauren E. Hay, Roland J. Viger, Richard M. Webb, Robert A. Payn, Jacob H. LaFontaine

Déformations localement triviales des variétés Riemanniennes

Other published 1975 in Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics on pages 3 to 32

Authors: L. Bérard-Bergery, J. P. Bourguignon, J. Lafontaine

Information Sharing

Other published in Handbook on the Knowledge Economy

Authors: Donald M. Lamberton

Autonomy, Dignity and Abortion

Other published in Comparative Constitutional Law

Authors: Donald P. Kommers

Impossibility and Impracticability

Other published in Contract Law and Economics

Authors: Donald J. Smythe

Foreword by Donald R. Rothwell

Other published in Global Governance of the Environment


Other published in Negotiating a Preferential Trading Agreement

Authors: Donald MacLaren

Does Progress matter?

Other published in Is There Progress in Economics?

Authors: Donald Winch

A comparison of methods to predict historical daily streamflow time series in the southeastern United States

Other published 2015 in Scientific Investigations Report

Authors: William H. Farmer, Stacey A. Archfield, Thomas M. Over, Lauren E. Hay, Jacob H. LaFontaine, Julie E. Kiang

The Workings of the Japanese Economy

Other published in Crisis or Recovery in Japan

Authors: Donald W. Katzner