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Serial Entrepreneurship: Learning by Doing?

Report published Jul 2014

Authors: Francine Lafontaine, Kathryn Shaw

The American High School Graduation Rate: Trends and Levels

Report published Dec 2007

Authors: James Heckman, Paul LaFontaine

International Franchising: Evidence from US and Canadian Franchisors in Mexico

Report published Mar 2001

Authors: Francine Lafontaine, Joanne Oxley

The Role of Residual Claims and Self-Enforcement in Franchise Contracting

Report published Mar 2002

Authors: Francine Lafontaine, Emmanuel Raynaud

Targeting Managerial Control: Evidence from Franchising

Report published Aug 2001

Authors: Francine Lafontaine, Kathryn Shaw

Bias Corrected Estimates of GED Returns

Report published Feb 2006

Authors: James Heckman, Paul LaFontaine

Incentive Contracting and the Franchise Decision

Report published May 1998

Authors: Francine Lafontaine, Margaret Slade

The Dynamics of Franchise Contracting: Evidence from Panel Data

Report published May 1996

Authors: Francine Lafontaine, Kathryn Shaw

Do Large Modern Retailers Pay Premium Wages?

Report published Jul 2014

Authors: Brianna Cardiff-Hicks, Francine Lafontaine, Kathryn Shaw

Pricing Decisions in Franchised Chains: A Look at the Restaurant and Fast-Food Industry

Report published Sep 1995

Authors: Francine Lafontaine

The Characteristics of Multi-Unit Ownership in Franchising: Evidence from Fast-Food Restaurants in Texas

Report published Dec 1996

Authors: Arturs Kalnins, Francine Lafontaine

Image degradation from surface scatter in EUV optics

Report published 28 May 1996

Authors: D.P. Gaines, T.P. Daly, D.G. Stearns, B. LaFontaine, D.W. Sweeney, D. Fuchs

Contracting in the Absence of Specific Investments and Moral Hazard: Understanding Carrier-Driver Relations in U.S. Trucking

Report published Mar 2002

Authors: Francine Lafontaine, Scott Masten

Taking the Easy Way Out: How the GED Testing Program Induces Students to Drop Out

Report published May 2008

Authors: James Heckman, John Eric Humphries, Paul LaFontaine, Pedro Rodriguez

Earth Sciences Division Research Summaries 2006-2007

Report published 21 Jul 2008

Authors: Donald DePaolo, Donald DePaolo

Factors Influencing Recreational Use of Private Woodland

Report published 1990

Authors: Donald F. Dennis, Donald F. Dennis

Reliable Integrated Wire Termination Devices.

Report published 1 Jul 1973

Authors: Donald L. Pfendler, Donald H. Gould

Do Hummingbirds Actually Sleep?

Report published 31 Jan 2017

Authors: Donald R Powers Donald R Powers

Testing and Evaluation of Chemical Weapons

Report published 1 Aug 1975

Authors: Donald O. Egner, Donald Campbell


Report published 13 Aug 2001

Authors: Donald Bridge