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Journal Article published 2000 in Hydrobiologia volume 436 issue 1/3 on pages 159 to 164

Authors: Emili García-Berthou

Journal Article published Dec 2001 in Aquatic Sciences volume 63 issue 4 on pages 466 to 476

Authors: Emili García-Berthou

Monitoring Biological Invasions in Freshwater Habitats

Chapter published 10 Oct 2009 in Biological Monitoring in Freshwater Habitats on pages 91 to 100

Authors: Montserrat Vilà, Emili García-Berthou

Journal Article published Jun 2002 in Aquatic Sciences volume 64 issue 2 on pages 163 to 170

Authors: Anna Vila-Gispert, Emili García-Berthou, Ramon Moreno-Amich

Journal Article published 2003 in Environmental and Ecological Statistics volume 10 issue 1 on pages 153 to 157

Authors: Shivanand Balram, Suzana Dragićević, Alfred Stein, Emili Garcia-Berthou

Density Dependent Growth and Size Specific Competitive Interactions in Young Fish

Journal Article published Aug 1999 in Oikos volume 86 issue 2 on page 217

Authors: Par Bystrom, Emili Garcia-Berthou

Invasion ecology fifty years after Elton’s book

Journal Article published 16 Oct 2009 in Biological Invasions volume 12 issue 7 on pages 1941 to 1942

Authors: Emili García-Berthou

Life-history traits of invasive fish in small Mediterranean streams

Chapter published in Issues in Bioinvasion Science on pages 107 to 116

Authors: Anna Vila-Gispert, Carles Alcaraz, Emili García-Berthou

Origin and genetic diversity of mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) introduced to Europe

Journal Article published 5 Jul 2009 in Biological Invasions volume 12 issue 4 on pages 841 to 851

Authors: Oriol Vidal, Emili García-Berthou, Pablo A. Tedesco, José-Luis García-Marín

Comparing latitudinal and upstream-downstream gradients: life history traits of invasive mosquitofish

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2011 in Diversity and Distributions volume 17 issue 2 on pages 214 to 224

Authors: Gerard Carmona-Catot, Josep Benito, Emili García-Berthou