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Journal Article published 2002 in Russian Physics Journal volume 45 issue 5 on pages 534 to 538

Authors: S. G. Fedosin, A. S. Kim

Two Components of the Macroscopic General Field

Journal Article published 9 Mar 2017 in Reports in Advances of Physical Sciences on page 1750002

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

The substantial model of the photon

Journal Article published 3 Feb 2017 in Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences volume 9 issue 1 on page 411

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

The Concept of the General Force Vector Field

Journal Article published 2016 in OALib volume 03 issue 03 on pages 1 to 15

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

The Metric outside a Fixed Charged Body in the Covariant Theory of Gravitation

Journal Article published Jul 2014 in International Frontier Science Letters volume 1 on pages 41 to 46

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

Group Function of Income Distribution in Society

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in International Frontier Science Letters volume 6 on pages 6 to 15

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

An aluminoborophosphate slag neutralizer

Journal Article published Nov 1987 in Refractories volume 28 issue 11-12 on pages 667 to 669

Authors: N. K. Shorina, Yu. S. Fedosin, S. M. �pshtein, E. S. Borisovskii, O. V. Kvyatkovskii

Estimation of the physical parameters of planets and stars in the gravitational equilibrium model

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Canadian Journal of Physics volume 94 issue 4 on pages 370 to 379

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

Introduction of a method of production of ladle parts based on in-house produced chamotte

Journal Article published Sep 1993 in Refractories volume 34 issue 9-10 on pages 488 to 488

Authors: G. P. Sorokolet, Yu. S. Fedosin

The virial theorem and the kinetic energy of particles of a macroscopic system in the general field concept

Journal Article published 25 Oct 2016 in Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics volume 29 issue 2 on pages 361 to 371

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

The procedure of finding the stress-energy tensor and equations of vector field of any form

Journal Article published 2014 in Advanced Studies in Theoretical Physics volume 8 on pages 771 to 779

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

Four-dimensional equation of motion for viscous compressible and charged fluid with regard to the acceleration field, pressure field and dissipation field

Journal Article published 1 Mar 2015 in International Journal of Thermodynamics volume 18 issue 1 on page 13

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

The Integral Energy-Momentum 4-Vector and Analysis of 4/3 Problem Based on the Pressure Field and Acceleration Field

Journal Article published 2014 in American Journal of Modern Physics volume 3 issue 4 on page 152

Authors: Sergey Grigor'yevich Fedosin

The Pioneer anomaly in covariant theory of gravitation

Journal Article published Nov 2015 in Canadian Journal of Physics volume 93 issue 11 on pages 1335 to 1342

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

Energy, momentum, mass, and velocity of a moving body in the light of gravitomagnetic theory

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in Canadian Journal of Physics volume 92 issue 10 on pages 1074 to 1081

Authors: Sergey G. Fedosin

The Graviton Field as the Source of Mass and Gravitational Force in the Modernized Le Sage’s Model

Journal Article published 10 Jan 2015 in Physical Science International Journal volume 8 issue 4 on pages 1 to 18

Authors: Sergey Fedosin


Journal Article published 2016 in Vestnik komp'iuternykh i informatsionnykh tekhnologii on pages 35 to 40

Authors: S. A. Fedosin, V. V. Baynev


Journal Article published 30 Dec 2016 in Mordovia University Bulletin volume 26 issue 4 on pages 462 to 474

Authors: Konstantin E. Ryskin, National Research Mordovia State University, Mokhannad Abdulsalam Yunus Al Askari , Sergey A. Fedosin