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Characteristics Analysis of Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Journal Article published Jun 2013 in Applied Mechanics and Materials volume 329 on pages 172 to 175

Authors: Jin Feng Wang, Guang Feng Zhang, Xian Zhang Feng

A New Power Standard of Audio Frequency

Conference Paper published 1988 in Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements

Authors: Zhang De Shi, Jia Yao Lan, Zhang Gui rong, Zhang You Feng, Guo Feng Ying

The research on NURBS adaptive interpolation technology

Conference Paper published 2017

Authors: Wanjun Zhang, Shanping Gao, Sujia Zhang, Feng Zhang

Multi-component Plant Viruses

Entry published 27 Jan 2015 in eLS on pages 1 to 7

Authors: Xiao-Feng Zhang, Feng Qu

A recommendation scheme by user preference to components

Conference Paper published 2015 in IET International Radar Conference 2015

Authors: Zemeng Feng Zemeng Feng, Lifang Wu Lifang Wu, Yuchen Jing Yuchen Jing, Dan Wang Dan Wang, Hongjia Zhang Hongjia Zhang, Cheng Zhang Cheng Zhang

Research on the extraction method for wideband radar target polarization features

Conference Paper published 2015 in IET International Radar Conference 2015

Authors: Qing-Yu Dong Qing-Yu Dong, Zhang-Feng Li Zhang-Feng Li, Guo-Qiang Zhao Guo-Qiang Zhao, Yi Zhang Yi Zhang

Feng, Golubović, and Zhang reply

Journal Article published 22 Apr 1991 in Physical Review Letters volume 66 issue 16 on pages 2177 to 2177

Authors: Shechao Feng, Leonardo Golubović, Yi-Cheng Zhang

Recent advances in space mapping approach to EM optimization

Conference Paper published Dec 2015 in 2015 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC)

Authors: Feng Feng, Venu-Madhav-Reddy Gongal-Reddy, Shunlu Zhang, Qi-Jun Zhang

EM optimization using coarse and fine mesh space mapping

Conference Paper published Nov 2013 in 2013 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference Proceedings (APMC)

Authors: Chao Zhang, Feng Feng, Qi Jun Zhang

Wei, Zhang, and Feng Reply:

Journal Article published 3 Sep 2009 in Physical Review Letters volume 103 issue 10

Authors: J. Wei, Y. Zhang, D. L. Feng