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Virulence profile

Journal Article published Oct 2013 in Virulence volume 4 issue 7 on pages 638 to 640

Authors: Alejandro Aballay

An illustrated key to and diagnoses of the species of Histeridae (Coleoptera) associated with decaying carcasses in Argentina

Journal Article published 24 Jan 2013 in ZooKeys volume 261 on pages 61 to 84

Authors: Fernando Aballay, Gerardo Arriagada, Gustavo Flores, Néstor Centeno

The set covering problem solved by the binary teaching-learning-based optimization algorithm

Conference Paper published Jun 2015 in 2015 10th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (CISTI)

Authors: Broderick Crawford, Ricardo Soto, Felipe Aballay Leiva, Franklin Johnson, Fernando Paredes

A New Species of the GenusFanniaRobineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Fanniidae) Collected On Pig Carrion in Mendoza, Argentina

Journal Article published Dec 2008 in Annales Zoologici volume 58 issue 4 on pages 819 to 824

Authors: M. Cecilia Domínguez, Aballay Fernando

A key and checklist to the Neotropical forensically important "Little House Flies" (Diptera: Fanniidae)

Journal Article published 2016 in Zoologia (Curitiba) volume 33 issue 6

Authors: Diana Grisales, Melise C. Lecheta, Fernando H. Aballay, Claudio J.B. de Carvalho

Fourth International Tenebrionoidea Symposium

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Annales Zoologici volume 66 issue 4 on pages 495 to 498

Authors: Gustavo E. Flores, Ana María Scollo, Susana J. Lagos Silnik, Fernando H. Aballay, Germán H. Cheli, Rodolfo Carrara

Fannia fusconotata and Fannia sanihue (Diptera: Fanniidae): first records in Uruguay and distribution extension

Journal Article published 9 Sep 2015 in Check List volume 11 issue 5 on page 1734

Authors: Mónica Remedios-De León, Fernando Hernán Aballay, M. Cecilia Domínguez, Patricia González-Vainer

An Illustrated Key to, and Diagnoses of the Species of Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera) Associated with Decaying Carcasses in Argentina

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Annales Zoologici volume 66 issue 4 on pages 703 to 726

Authors: Fernando H. Aballay, Gustavo E. Flores, Violeta A. Silvestro, Noelia I. Zanetti, Néstor D. Centeno

Immunodiagnosis of fasciolosis in horses and pigs using Western blots

Journal Article published Nov 1997 in International Journal for Parasitology volume 27 issue 11 on pages 1429 to 1432

Authors: Texia Gorman, Jimena Aballay, Fernando Fredes, Marco Silva, Juan Carlos Aguillón, Hector A. Alcaíno

Reactions of cationic complex [(η5-C5Me5)Re(CO)3I]+ with primary amines leading to cyclic carbamoyl complexes

Journal Article published Nov 2009 in Journal of Organometallic Chemistry volume 694 issue 23 on pages 3749 to 3752

Authors: Alvaro Aballay, Gonzalo E. Buono-Core, Fernando Godoy, A. Hugo Klahn, Andrés Ibañez, María Teresa Garland