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Chromosome numbers in Compositae, XII, Heliantheae /

Monograph published 1981

Authors: Harold Ernest Robinson

The mosses of Juan Fernandez Islands /

Monograph published 1975

Authors: Harold Ernest Robinson

Leskea angustata in Mexico

Journal Article published 1959 in The Bryologist volume 62 issue 1 on page 31

Authors: Harold Robinson

Style Rotation in the Asteraceae

Journal Article published Aug 1984 in Taxon volume 33 issue 3 on page 400

Authors: Harold Robinson

Additions to Neocuatrecasia (Eupatorieae: Asteraceae)

Journal Article published 2002 in Novon volume 12 issue 3 on page 388

Authors: Harold Robinson

Henry Crabb Robinson (1775–1867)

Chapter published 2005 in William Wordsworth on pages 153 to 169

Authors: Harold Orel

Generic and subtribal classification of American Vernonieae /

Monograph published 1999

Authors: Harold Ernest Robinson

A palynological study of the Liabeae (Asteraceae) /

Monograph published 1986

Authors: Harold Ernest Robinson, Clodomiro. Marticorena, Smithsonian Institution.

A review of Philippine Hookeriaceous taxa (musci) /

Monograph published 1990

Authors: Benito Ching Tan, Harold Ernest Robinson

A study of the genus Schistocarpha (Heliantheae : Asteraceae) /

Monograph published 1979

Authors: Harold Ernest Robinson