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Modeling, Simulation and Design of an AC-DC Power Supply

Journal Article published 1 Jul 2016 in International Journal on Numerical and Analytical Methods in Engineering (IRENA) volume 4 issue 3 on page 72

Authors: Acácio M. R. Amaral, Antonio J. Marques Cardoso

Daily salivary cortisol profile: Insights from the Croatian Late Adolescence Stress Study (CLASS)

Journal Article published 2016 in Biochemia Medica on pages 408 to 420

Authors: Daniela Šupe-Domić, Goran Milas, Irena Drmić Hofman, Lada Rumora, Irena Martinović Klarić

Differences in Peak Bone Density Between Male and Female Students

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2009 in Archives of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology volume 60 issue 1

Authors: Selma Avdagić, Irena Barić, Irena Keser, Ivana Cecić, Zvonimir Šatalić, Jasminka Bobić, Milica Gomzi

Effects of model organophosphorous pesticides on DNA damage and proliferation of HepG2 cells

Journal Article published 2008 in Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis volume 49 issue 5 on pages 360 to 367

Authors: Irena Hreljac, Irena Zajc, Tamara Lah, Metka Filipič

Welfare Regimes and Immigrants’ Employment Prospects

Chapter published in Working Through Barriers on pages 65 to 71

Authors: Irena Kogan

Immigrant labour market performance: A European perspective

Chapter published in Working Through Barriers on pages 1 to 8

Authors: Irena Kogan

Ex-Yugoslavs in the Austrian and Swedish labour markets131

Chapter published in Working Through Barriers on pages 155 to 182

Authors: Irena Kogan

Evapo-transpiration in Ecological Engineering

Chapter published 16 Mar 2011 in Evapotranspiration

Authors: Andrzej Biaowiec, Irena Wojnowska-Barya, Peter Randerso

Conceptualizing mBusiness

Conference Paper published Apr 2015 in 2015 Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (WTS)

Authors: Irena Ivanochko, Viktoria Masiuk, Michal Gregus


Journal Article published Jan 2011 in Retina volume 31 issue 1 on pages 197 to 198

Authors: Irena Tsui, Jean-Pierre Hubschman


Chapter published 1997 in Adult Education — The Legislative and Policy Environment on pages 131 to 150

Authors: Carl Rohrer, Irena Sgier

Digital Audio

Chapter published 20 Dec 2015 in Multimedia Signals and Systems on pages 81 to 139

Authors: Srdjan Stanković, Irena Orović, Ervin Sejdić

Female Sufffrage in Slovenia

Chapter published in The Struggle for Female Suffrage in Europe on pages 339 to 355

Authors: Irena Selišnik

Journal Article published 1997 in Hydrobiologia volume 342/343 on pages 387 to 394

Authors: Irena Kufel, Lech Kufel

Journal Article published 2001 in Hydrobiologia volume 446/447 on pages 149 to 153

Authors: Irena Bielańska-Grajner

Journal Article published 2001 in Hydrobiologia volume 446/447 on pages 221 to 228

Authors: Stanisław Radwan, Irena Bielańska-Grajner

Slovenska slengovska frazeologija danes

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2007 in Slovene Linguistic Studies

Authors: Irena Stramljič Breznik

Calvin and His Influence, 1509–2009

Book published 8 Sep 2011

Editors: Irena Backus, Philip Benedict


Chapter published 8 Sep 2011 in Calvin and His Influence, 1509–2009 on pages 1 to 27

Authors: Irena Backus, Philip Benedict

Journal Article published 2000 in Compositio Mathematica volume 123 issue 2 on pages 225 to 241

Authors: Vesselin Gasharov, Irena Peeva