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TAP1-Deficiency Does Not Alter Atherosclerosis Development in Apoe−/− Mice

Journal Article published 30 Mar 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 3 on page e33932

Authors: Daniel Kolbus, Irena Ljungcrantz, Ingrid Söderberg, Ragnar Alm, Harry Björkbacka, Jan Nilsson, Gunilla Nordin Fredrikson

Editors: Qingbo Xu

Grey Matter Changes in Cognitively Impaired Parkinson's Disease Patients

Journal Article published 21 Jan 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 1 on page e85595

Authors: Irena Rektorova, Roberta Biundo, Radek Marecek, Luca Weis, Dag Aarsland, Angelo Antonini

Editors: John Duda

Catalog of MicroRNA Seed Polymorphisms in Vertebrates

Journal Article published 27 Jan 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 1 on page e30737

Authors: Minja Zorc, Dasa Jevsinek Skok, Irena Godnic, George Adrian Calin, Simon Horvat, Zhihua Jiang, Peter Dovc, Tanja Kunej

Editors: Alfons Navarro

Malignant Lymphatic and Hematopoietic Neoplasms Mortality in Serbia, 1991–2010: A Joinpoint Regression Analysis

Journal Article published 21 Oct 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 10 on page e109379

Authors: Milena Ilic, Irena Ilic

Editors: Keitaro Matsuo

NAD(P)H-Hydrate Dehydratase- A Metabolic Repair Enzyme and Its Role in Bacillus subtilis Stress Adaptation

Journal Article published 13 Nov 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 11 on page e112590

Authors: Miroslava Petrovova, Jan Tkadlec, Lukas Dvoracek, Eliska Streitova, Irena Licha

Editors: Vasu D. Appanna

Resting-Associated Vocalization Emitted by Captive Asian House Shrews (Suncus murinus): Acoustic Structure and Variability in an Unusual Mammalian Vocalization

Journal Article published 12 Nov 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 11 on page e111571

Authors: Irena Schneiderová, Jan Zouhar

Editors: Melissa J. Coleman

Glucocorticoid Receptor Localizes to Adherens Junctions at the Plasma Membrane of Keratinocytes

Journal Article published 30 Apr 2013 in PLoS ONE volume 8 issue 4 on page e63453

Authors: Olivera Stojadinovic, Andrew Sawaya, Irena Pastar, Marjana Tomic-Canic

Editors: David Holowka

Discovery of Novel Proteasome Inhibitors Using a High-Content Cell-Based Screening System

Journal Article published 30 Dec 2009 in PLoS ONE volume 4 issue 12 on page e8503

Authors: Irena Lavelin, Avital Beer, Zvi Kam, Varda Rotter, Moshe Oren, Ami Navon, Benjamin Geiger

Editors: Anil Kumar Tyagi

Inactivation of Glucocorticoid Receptor in Noradrenergic System Influences Anxiety- and Depressive-Like Behavior in Mice

Journal Article published 20 Aug 2013 in PLoS ONE volume 8 issue 8 on page e72632

Authors: Piotr Chmielarz, Justyna Kuśmierczyk, Rosanna Parlato, Günther Schütz, Irena Nalepa, Grzegorz Kreiner

Editors: Georges Chapouthier

Oxytocin-Gly-Lys-Arg: A Novel Cardiomyogenic Peptide

Journal Article published 26 Oct 2010 in PLoS ONE volume 5 issue 10 on page e13643

Authors: Bogdan A. Danalache, Jolanta Gutkowska, Magdalena J. Ślusarz, Irena Berezowska, Marek Jankowski

Editors: Gian Paolo Fadini

Selective Cytotoxicity of Amidinopiperidine Based Compounds Towards Burkitt’s Lymphoma Cells Involves Proteasome Inhibition

Journal Article published 30 Jul 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 7 on page e41961

Authors: Martina Gobec, Ales Obreza, Matevz Prijatelj, Boris Brus, Stanislav Gobec, Irena Mlinaric-Rascan

Editors: Matthew Bogyo

Genetic Control of Susceptibility to Infection with Candida albicans in Mice

Journal Article published 20 Apr 2011 in PLoS ONE volume 6 issue 4 on page e18957

Authors: Irena Radovanovic, Alaka Mullick, Philippe Gros

Editors: Joy Sturtevant

Motile Male Gametes of the Araphid Diatom Tabularia fasciculata Search Randomly for Mates

Journal Article published 3 Jul 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 7 on page e101767

Authors: Robyn Edgar, David Drolet, James M. Ehrman, Irena Kaczmarska

Editors: Chris D. Wood

Exercise-Induced Changes in Iron Status and Hepcidin Response in Female Runners

Journal Article published 5 Mar 2013 in PLoS ONE volume 8 issue 3 on page e58090

Authors: Irena Auersperger, Branko Škof, Bojan Leskošek, Bojan Knap, Aleš Jerin, Mitja Lainscak

Editors: Tim Lahm

Born in an Alien Nest : How Do Social Parasite Male Offspring Escape from Host Aggression?

Journal Article published 20 Sep 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 9 on page e43053

Authors: Patrick Lhomme, Manfred Ayasse, Irena Valterová, Thomas Lecocq, Pierre Rasmont

Editors: Nicolas Chaline

Years of Life Lost Due to External Causes of Death in the Lodz Province, Poland

Journal Article published 8 May 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 5 on page e96830

Authors: Malgorzata Pikala, Marek Bryla, Pawel Bryla, Irena Maniecka-Bryla

Editors: Yuan-Soon Ho

Distance and Character-Based Evaluation of the V4 Region of the 18S rRNA Gene for the Identification of Diatoms (Bacillariophyceae)

Journal Article published 21 Sep 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 9 on page e45664

Authors: Ian A. Luddington, Irena Kaczmarska, Connie Lovejoy

Editors: Rodolfo Paranhos

Role of ER Stress Response in Photodynamic Therapy: ROS Generated in Different Subcellular Compartments Trigger Diverse Cell Death Pathways

Journal Article published 5 Mar 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 3 on page e32972

Authors: Irena Moserova, Jarmila Kralova

Editors: Boris Zhivotovsky

Status of Biodiversity in the Baltic Sea

Journal Article published 1 Sep 2010 in PLoS ONE volume 5 issue 9 on page e12467

Authors: Henn Ojaveer, Andres Jaanus, Brian R. MacKenzie, Georg Martin, Sergej Olenin, Teresa Radziejewska, Irena Telesh, Michael L. Zettler, Anastasija Zaiko

Editors: Yan Ropert-Coudert

Maternal Plasma Fetal DNA Fractions in Pregnancies with Low and High Risks for Fetal Chromosomal Aneuploidies

Journal Article published 28 Feb 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 2 on page e88484

Authors: Irena Hudecova, Daljit Sahota, Macy M. S. Heung, Yongjie Jin, Wing S. Lee, Tak Y. Leung, Yuk Ming Dennis Lo, Rossa W.K. Chiu

Editors: Pascale Chavatte-Palmer