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Other published in Handbook of Globalisation and Development on pages 289 to 311

Authors: Irena Omelaniuk

Legal Intuition and Expertise

Other published in Handbook of Intuition Research

Authors: Andreas Glöckner, Irena D. Ebert

Intercultural integration: a new paradigm for managing diversity as an advantage

Other published in Interculturalism in Cities on pages 136 to 151

Authors: Irena Guidikova

The Impact of Decentralization on Education in Poland

Other published in Does Decentralization Enhance Service Delivery and Poverty Reduction?

Authors: Maciej Jakubowski, Irena Topińska

Biocad: Innovation in the Russian Biotechnology Industry

Other published in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Authors: Alexander I. Naumov, Alexander I. Naumov, Irena A. Petrovskaya

Building sustainable communities through alternative food systems

Other published in Handbook on the Globalisation of Agriculture on pages 446 to 460

Authors: Alison Blay-Palmer, Irena Knezevic

Primary decompositions of powers of ideals

Other published 1994 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 367 to 371

Authors: Irena Swanson

On the ideal of minors of matrices of linear forms

Other published 2003 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 139 to 152

Authors: Anna Guerrieri, Irena Swanson

Notes on the behavior of the Ratliff-Rush filtration

Other published 2003 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 313 to 328

Authors: Maria Evelina Rossi, Irena Swanson

Adult education in Lithuania: towards increasing employability and social cohesion, or neither?

Other published in Lifelong Learning in Europe on pages 350 to 371

Authors: Meilutė Taljūnaitė, Leta Dromantienė, Irena Žemaitaitytė, Liutauras Labanauskas

Long-time dynamics of a semilinear wave equation with nonlinear interior/boundary damping and sources of critical exponents

Other published 2007 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 153 to 192

Authors: Igor Chueshov, Irena Lasiecka

Existence of the energy-level weak solutions for a nonlinear fluid-structure interaction model

Other published 2007 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 55 to 82

Authors: Viorel Barbu, Zoran Grujić, Irena Lasiecka, Amjad Tuffaha