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Other published in Handbook of Globalisation and Development on pages 289 to 311

Authors: Irena Omelaniuk

Legal Intuition and Expertise

Other published in Handbook of Intuition Research

Authors: Andreas Glöckner, Irena D. Ebert

Biocad: Innovation in the Russian Biotechnology Industry

Other published in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Authors: Alexander I. Naumov, Alexander I. Naumov, Irena A. Petrovskaya

Intercultural integration: a new paradigm for managing diversity as an advantage

Other published in Interculturalism in Cities on pages 136 to 151

Authors: Irena Guidikova

Building sustainable communities through alternative food systems

Other published in Handbook on the Globalisation of Agriculture on pages 446 to 460

Authors: Alison Blay-Palmer, Irena Knezevic

The Impact of Decentralization on Education in Poland

Other published in Does Decentralization Enhance Service Delivery and Poverty Reduction?

Authors: Maciej Jakubowski, Irena Topińska

Notes on the behavior of the Ratliff-Rush filtration

Other published 2003 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 313 to 328

Authors: Maria Evelina Rossi, Irena Swanson

On the ideal of minors of matrices of linear forms

Other published 2003 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 139 to 152

Authors: Anna Guerrieri, Irena Swanson

Primary decompositions of powers of ideals

Other published 1994 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 367 to 371

Authors: Irena Swanson

Adult education in Lithuania: towards increasing employability and social cohesion, or neither?

Other published in Lifelong Learning in Europe on pages 350 to 371

Authors: Meilutė Taljūnaitė, Leta Dromantienė, Irena Žemaitaitytė, Liutauras Labanauskas

Existence of the energy-level weak solutions for a nonlinear fluid-structure interaction model

Other published 2007 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 55 to 82

Authors: Viorel Barbu, Zoran Grujić, Irena Lasiecka, Amjad Tuffaha

Long-time dynamics of a semilinear wave equation with nonlinear interior/boundary damping and sources of critical exponents

Other published 2007 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 153 to 192

Authors: Igor Chueshov, Irena Lasiecka