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Journal Issue published Sep 2014 in Biopolymers volume 101 issue 9

Editors: Alan Mackie

Carbohydrates structure and biology

Journal Article published Jul 1998 in Biochemical Education volume 26 issue 3 on page 257

Authors: W. Mackie

Biopolymers 2013: Biopolymer assemblies for material design

Journal Article published 23 Jun 2014 in Biopolymers volume 101 issue 9 on pages 913 to 914

Authors: Alan Mackie

Solution properties of sodium alginate

Journal Article published Oct 1980 in Biopolymers volume 19 issue 10 on pages 1839 to 1860

Authors: W. Mackie, R. Noy, D. B. Sellen

Species identification of cooked fish by disc electrophoresis

Journal Article published 1968 in The Analyst volume 93 issue 1108 on page 458

Authors: I. M. Mackie

Book reviews

Journal Article published 1988 in The Analyst volume 113 issue 4 on page 689

Authors: Paul Worsfold, P. J. Rennie, David Ewing, Ian M. Mackie, E. J. Greenhow


Journal Article published Oct 1997 in The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology volume 29 issue 10 on pages 1133 to 1137

Authors: Eleanor J. Mackie


Journal Article published Jul 1984 in Journal of Investigative Dermatology volume 83 issue 1 on page 78

Authors: Marilyn L. Turbitt, Rona M. MacKie

Synthesis in vitro of ribosomal protein S20 and its precursor

Journal Article published Oct 1977 in Biochemistry volume 16 issue 20 on pages 4497 to 4503

Authors: George A. Mackie

Criteria for the crystallization of polysaccharides

Journal Article published Aug 1972 in Biopolymers volume 11 issue 8 on pages 1685 to 1691

Authors: E. D. T. Atkins, H. H. Wills, W. Mackie