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Journal Article published Jan 1966 in Ostrich volume 37 issue sup1 on pages 1 to 2

Authors: Mackie Niven, J. P. Mackie Niven

Journal Article published 2000 in Environmental Biology of Fishes volume 57 issue 4 on pages 363 to 376

Authors: Michael Mackie


Journal Article published Jan 1959 in Ostrich volume 30 issue sup1 on pages 1 to 2

Authors: J. P. Mackie Niven

Invasion Biology: Critique of a Pseudoscience

Journal Article published Oct 2004 in Austral Ecology volume 29 issue 5 on pages 601 to 602


Journal Article published 2000 in Australian Systematic Botany volume 13 issue 6 on page 817

Authors: J. A. G. Irwin, J. M. Mackie

A Handbook of Mexican Roadside Flora

Journal Article published Nov 1988 in Taxon volume 37 issue 4 on page 933

Authors: Annetta Carter, C. T. Mason, P. B. Mason

Characterization of two novel saccharolytic, anaerobic thermophiles, Thermoanaerobacterium polysaccharolyticum sp. nov. and Thermoanaerobacterium zeae sp. nov., and emendation of the genus Thermoanaerobacterium.

Journal Article published 1 Mar 2001 in International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology volume 51 issue 2 on pages 293 to 302

Authors: I K Cann, P G Stroot, R I Mackie, B A White, K R Mackie

The Tentacle Cilia of Aglantha digitale (Hydrozoa: Trachylina) and their Control

Journal Article published Sep 1989 in Acta Zoologica volume 70 issue 3 on pages 133 to 141

Authors: G. O. Mackie, Claus Nielsen, C. L. Singla

Bacterial Mechanisms to Overcome Inhibitory Effects of Dietary Tannins

Journal Article published Aug 2005 in Microbial Ecology volume 50 issue 2 on pages 197 to 205

Authors: Alexandra H. Smith, Erwin Zoetendal, Roderick I. Mackie

Reproductive behavior of the halfmoon grouper, Epinephelus rivulatus, at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Journal Article published 25 Aug 2007 in Ichthyological Research volume 54 issue 3 on pages 213 to 220

Authors: Michael Mackie

The Reproductive Cycle of the Chukar

Journal Article published Apr 1963 in The Journal of Wildlife Management volume 27 issue 2 on page 246

Authors: Richard J. Mackie, Helmut K. Buechner

Bird Enemies of the Philippine Locust Philippine Agr. Review, VI, No. 11 D. B. Mackie

Journal Article published Apr 1914 in The Auk volume 31 issue 2 on pages 270 to 271

A revision ofSabellastarte(Polychaeta: Sabellidae)

Journal Article published Oct 2003 in Journal of Natural History volume 37 issue 19 on pages 2269 to 2301

Authors: Phyllis Knight-Jones, Andrew S. Y. Mackie

Conduction and coordination in deganglionated ascidians

Journal Article published Sep 2000 in Canadian Journal of Zoology volume 78 issue 9 on pages 1626 to 1639

Authors: G O Mackie, R C Wyeth

What's new in cnidarian biology?

Journal Article published Oct 2002 in Canadian Journal of Zoology volume 80 issue 10 on pages 1649 to 1653

Authors: G O Mackie

Progress in sponge biology

Journal Article published Feb 2006 in Canadian Journal of Zoology volume 84 issue 2 on pages 143 to 145

Authors: G O Mackie

Behaviour of a compound ascidian

Journal Article published Jan 1974 in Canadian Journal of Zoology volume 52 issue 1 on pages 23 to 27

Authors: G. O. Mackie

Shell structure in freshwater Sphaeriaceæ (Bivalvia: Heterodonta)

Journal Article published Jan 1978 in Canadian Journal of Zoology volume 56 issue 1 on pages 1 to 6

Authors: G. L. Mackie

Distribution of Nerve Elements Showing FMRFamide-like Immunoreactivity in Hydromedusae

Journal Article published Dec 1985 in Acta Zoologica volume 66 issue 4 on pages 199 to 210

Authors: G. O. Mackie, C. L. Singla, W. K. Stell

Single species island biogeography and Montana mule deer

Journal Article published Nov 1980 in Biological Conservation volume 19 issue 1 on pages 41 to 49

Authors: Harold Picton, Richard J. Mackie