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Swiftiana in Finnegans Wake

Journal Article published Jun 1959 in ELH volume 26 issue 2 on page 271

Authors: Mackie L. Jarrell

Periodical Eidolatry

Journal Article published 4 Sep 2014 in Eighteenth-Century Life volume 38 issue 3 on pages 154 to 157

Authors: E. Mackie

The Diary of A Canny Man 1818–1828: Adam Mackie Farmer, Merchant and Innkeeper in Fyvie. Compiled by William Mackie; Edited by David Stevenson. Pp. xxiv, 152. Aberdeen University Press. 1991. £6.95.

Journal Article published Apr 1993 in Scottish Historical Review volume 72 issue 1 on pages 103 to 104

Authors: A. FENTON

The Secret History of Almost Everything

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2009 in Eighteenth-Century Life volume 33 issue 1 on pages 132 to 137

Authors: E. Mackie

Turnus and his Ancestors

Journal Article published May 1991 in The Classical Quarterly volume 41 issue 01 on page 261

Authors: C. J. Mackie

Reviews of Books

Journal Article published 1934 in The English Historical Review volume XLIX issue CXCIII on pages 130 to 132

Authors: J. D. MACKIE


Journal Article published 1940 in The English Historical Review volume LV issue CCXIX on pages 462 to 464

Authors: J. D. MACKIE

Short Notices

Journal Article published 1956 in The English Historical Review volume LXXI issue CCLXXVIII on pages 145 to 146

Authors: J. D. MACKIE


Journal Article published 1972 in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science volume 23 issue 3 on pages 247 to 252

Authors: J. L. MACKIE


Journal Article published 1965 in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science volume XVI issue 61 on pages 57 to 61

Authors: J. L. MACKIE