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Using Uncensored Communication Channels to Divert Spam Traffic

Journal Article published in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Benjamin Chiao, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Why Share in Peer-to-Peer Networks?

Journal Article published in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Lian Jian, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Can We Afford Privacy from Surveillance?

Journal Article published Sep 2014 in IEEE Security & Privacy volume 12 issue 5 on pages 86 to 89

Authors: Jeffrey MacKie-Mason

Incentive-Centered Design for User-Contributed Content

Book published 6 Aug 2012 in Oxford Handbooks Online

Authors: Lian Jian, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Economic FAQs About the Internet

Journal Article published 1 May 1996 in The Journal of Electronic Publishing volume 2 issue 1

Authors: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, Hal R. Varian

Some economics of market-based distributed scheduling

Conference Paper published in Proceedings. 18th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (Cat. No.98CB36183)

Authors: W.E. Walsh, M.P. Wellman, P.R. Wurman, J.K. MacKie-Mason

Optional time-of-use pricing can be pareto superior or pareto inferior

Journal Article published Aug 1990 in Economics Letters volume 33 issue 4 on pages 363 to 367

Authors: Jeffrey K. Mackie-mason

Effects of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on Corporate Financial Policy and Organizational Form

Report published Jan 1990

Authors: Roger Gordon, Jeffrey MacKie-Mason

Manipulating interface standards as an anticompetitive strategy

Chapter published in Standards and Public Policy on pages 231 to 259

Authors: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, Janet S. Netz

Editors: Shane Greenstein, Victor Stango

Bidding Strategies for Simultaneous Ascending Auctions

Journal Article published 16 Jan 2008 in The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics volume 8 issue 1

Authors: Michael P Wellman, Anna Osepayshvili, Jeffrey K MacKie-Mason, Daniel Reeves