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Can We Afford Privacy from Surveillance?

Journal Article published Sep 2014 in IEEE Security & Privacy volume 12 issue 5 on pages 86 to 89

Authors: Jeffrey MacKie-Mason

All Space Will Be Public Space

Journal Article published Sep 2011 in IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine volume 9 issue 5 on pages 77 to 80

Authors: Jeffrey MacKie-Mason

Manipulating interface standards as an anticompetitive strategy

Chapter published in Standards and Public Policy on pages 231 to 259

Authors: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, Janet S. Netz

Editors: Shane Greenstein, Victor Stango

Why an informatics degree?

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2010 in Communications of the ACM volume 53 issue 2 on page 26

Authors: Dennis P. Groth, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Generalized Reciprocity in Peer-to-Peer Networks

Journal Article published 2006 in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, Lian Jian

A Smart Market for Resource Reservation in a Multiple Quality of Service Information Network

Journal Article published 1997 in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Explaining Underutilization of Tax Depreciation Deductions: Empirical Evidence from Norway

Journal Article published 2003 in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Karl O. Aarbu, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

System Design, User Cost and Electronic Usage of Journals

Journal Article published 2000 in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Robert S. Gazzale, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Competition Between Firms that Bundle Information Goods

Journal Article published 1999 in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Scott A. Fay, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Using Uncensored Communication Channels to Divert Spam Traffic

Journal Article published 2009 in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Benjamin Chiao, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason