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Fiduciary Relationships In The Resource Industry

Conference Paper published 1989 in Annual Technical Meeting

Authors: Michael J. Laffin, Howard Mackie

Registration of N547 Maize Germplasm Line

Journal Article published 2002 in Crop Science volume 42 issue 1 on page 312

Authors: N.E. D'Croz-Mason, J.E. Foster, S.C. Mason

Message from John Mason: SMPTE Executive Vice-President

Journal Article published May 2000 in SMPTE Journal volume 109 issue 5 on pages 352 to 353

Authors: John Mason

Slotted multimode-interference devices

Journal Article published 20 Dec 2004 in Applied Optics volume 43 issue 36 on page 6609

Authors: David M. Mackie, Andrew W. Lee

Evidence of Field Hybridization in Beans1

Journal Article published 1935 in Agronomy Journal volume 27 issue 11 on page 903

Authors: W. W. Mackie, Francis L. Smith

Miniature Thrasher and Separator1

Journal Article published 1924 in Agronomy Journal volume 16 issue 1 on page 57

Authors: W. W. Mackie, A. H. Hoffman

Species identification of cooked fish by disc electrophoresis

Journal Article published 1968 in The Analyst volume 93 issue 1108 on page 458

Authors: I. M. Mackie

Quasicontinuum modeling of photoassociation

Journal Article published 1 Oct 1999 in Physical Review A volume 60 issue 4 on pages 3174 to 3187

Authors: Matt Mackie, Juha Javanainen

Feshbach-Resonant Interactions inK40andLi6Degenerate Fermi Gases

Journal Article published 15 Feb 2005 in Physical Review Letters volume 94 issue 6

Authors: Matt Mackie, Jyrki Piilo

143rd SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition: “Mason to Fellows to Mason

Journal Article published Jan 2002 in SMPTE Journal volume 111 issue 1 on pages 18 to 20

Authors: Robert Smith