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The Direct and Wider Impacts of Transport Projects: A Review

Other published in A Handbook of Transport Economics

Authors: Peter Mackie

Business Angels

Other published in World Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship

Authors: Colin M. Mason

Strategic Intuition

Other published in Handbook of Intuition Research

Authors: William Duggan, Malia Mason

Symptomatic therapy for multiple sclerosis

Other published Jul 2013 in Personalized Management of Multiple Sclerosis on pages 148 to 170

Authors: Scott E Jarvis, Aaron Mackie, Luanne M Metz

Japan: progress towards diversity and equality in employment

Other published in International Handbook on Diversity Management at Work on pages 137 to 161

Authors: Vera Mackie, Kaori Okano, Kirsti Rawstron

Venture Capital: A Geographical Perspective

Other published in Handbook of Research on Venture Capital

Authors: Colin Mason

A Year Under Ofcom

Other published in Regulating Utilities and Promoting Competition

Authors: Robin Mason

Theorectical aspects of National Transfer Accounts

Other published in Population Aging and the Generational Economy

Authors: Ronald Lee, Andrew Mason

Introducing age into national accounts

Other published in Population Aging and the Generational Economy

Authors: Andrew Mason, Ronald Lee


Other published in Research Handbook on Crisis Management in the Banking Sector on pages 403 to 425

Authors: Rosalind Mason, Michael Murray