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Security when people matter

Conference Paper published 2007 in Proceedings of the ninth international conference on Electronic commerce - ICEC '07

Authors: Rick Wash, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Cyberinfrastructure, institutions and sustainability

Journal Article published 4 Jun 2007 in First Monday volume 12 issue 6

Authors: Christopher J. Mackie

Mothers on the Fast TrackHow a New Generation Can Balance Family and Careers

Monograph published 18 Jun 2007

Authors: Mary Ann Mason, Eve Mason Ekman

Unexpected loss of resistance

Journal Article published 22 Feb 2007 in Anaesthesia volume 49 issue 5 on pages 458 to 458

Authors: D. Mackie, J. Cranfield, K. Boddu

Understanding Cannabinoid Psychoactivity with Mouse Genetic Models

Journal Article published 9 Oct 2007 in PLoS Biology volume 5 issue 10 on page e280

Authors: Ken Mackie

Impaired Nurses in the Workplace

Journal Article published May 2007 in Gastroenterology Nursing volume 30 issue 3 on pages 227 to 228

Authors: Sarah Breier-Mackie

When worlds collide

Journal Article published May 2007 in Public Health volume 121 issue 5 on pages 319 to 320

Authors: P. Mackie, F. Sim

Coincidence and modal predicates

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2007 in Analysis volume 67 issue 1 on pages 21 to 31

Authors: P. Mackie

Doris Salcedo’s Melancholy Objects

Journal Article published 20 Sep 2007 in PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies volume 5 issue 1

Authors: Vera Mackie

Population downsizing

Journal Article published Jul 2007 in Public Health volume 121 issue 7 on pages 489 to 491

Authors: P. Mackie, F. Sim

Rehabilitation for hamstring injuries

Entry published 24 Jan 2007 in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

Authors: Duncan L Mason, Victoria A Dickens, Andy Vail

Editors: Duncan L Mason

The Second Tier

Chapter published 18 Jun 2007 in Mothers on the Fast TrackHow a New Generation Can Balance Family and Careers on pages 67 to 89

Authors: Mary Ann Mason, Eve Mason Ekman

Betsy Mason receives the 2007 AGU Perlman Award

Journal Article published 10 Jul 2007 in Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union volume 88 issue 28 on pages 289 to 289

Authors: Daniel Borenstein, Betsy Mason

Staying Alive

Journal Article published Mar 2007 in Focus volume 19

Authors: Mason Inman

The Philosophy of Epictetus

Book published 1 Oct 2007

Editors: Theodore Scaltsas, Andrew S. Mason

Nitrogen NMR

Entry published 15 Mar 2007 in Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance

Authors: Joan Mason

Monitoring quality

Journal Article published Sep 2007 in Nursing Management volume 14 issue 5 on pages 22 to 26

Authors: Elizabeth Robb, Susan Mackie, Karen Elcock

Cerebellar Development and Clinical Outcome in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Journal Article published 1 Apr 2007 in American Journal of Psychiatry volume 164 issue 4 on page 647

Authors: Susan Mackie

Channel modelling for “through transformer” power-line communication

Conference Paper published Oct 2007 in 2007 International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies

Authors: A. Mackie

TH-C-L100F-03: Comparison of Imaging Capabilities of Two IGRT Systems

Journal Article published Jun 2007 in Medical Physics volume 34 issue 6Part22 on pages 2619 to 2619

Authors: D Tewatia, T Mackie