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Journal Article published 2015 in Progress In Electromagnetics Research volume 154 on pages 143 to 162

Authors: Brian MacKie-Mason, Andrew Greenwood, Zhen Peng

Adaptive, scalable domain decomposition methods for surface integral equations

Conference Paper published Jul 2015 in 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation & USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting

Authors: Brian MacKie-Mason, Zhen Peng

Nora Mason

Journal Article published 17 Feb 2015 in BMJ volume 350 issue feb17 7 on pages h741 to h741

Authors: R. Mason


Journal Article published 1 Jan 2015 in Psychiatric Annals volume 45 issue 1 on pages 14 to 18

Authors: Susan Mackie, John W. Winkelman

Medium Duty Electric Vehicle Demonstration Project

Report published 31 May 2015

Authors: Robin J. D. Mackie

Balloon glove hand support

Journal Article published 11 Feb 2015 in Anaesthesia volume 70 issue 3 on pages 360 to 360

Authors: T. Mackie, K. Cranfield

William Mackie Buchanan

Journal Article published 19 May 2015 in BMJ volume 350 issue may19 9 on pages h2669 to h2669

Authors: N. B. R. F. S. Orr

Politics, policies and public health

Journal Article published Apr 2015 in Public Health volume 129 issue 4 on pages 291 to 292

Authors: F. Sim, P. Mackie

Supramodal executive control of attention

Journal Article published 24 Feb 2015 in Frontiers in Psychology volume 6

Authors: Alfredo Spagna, Melissa-Ann Mackie, Jin Fan

InfoGest Consensus Method

Chapter published 2015 in The Impact of Food Bioactives on Health on pages 13 to 22

Authors: Alan Mackie, Neil Rigby

The language of the masses

Journal Article published Nov 2015 in Public Health volume 129 issue 11 on pages 1429 to 1430

Authors: F. Sim, P. Mackie

Embracing complexity

Journal Article published Oct 2015 in Public Health volume 129 issue 10 on pages 1307 to 1308

Authors: Phil Mackie, Fiona Sim

1815 and all that

Journal Article published May 2015 in Public Health volume 129 issue 5 on pages 411 to 412

Authors: P. Mackie, F. Sim

Generating more heat than light?

Journal Article published Sep 2015 in Public Health volume 129 issue 9 on pages 1135 to 1137

Authors: F. Sim, P. Mackie

MO-FG-213-02: The Academic Perspective

Journal Article published Jun 2015 in Medical Physics volume 42 issue 6 on pages 3562 to 3562

Authors: T. Mackie

A career in (mRNA) decay

Journal Article published 16 Mar 2015 in RNA volume 21 issue 4 on pages 685 to 686

Authors: George A. Mackie

John Anthony Spencer

Journal Article published 21 Aug 2015 in BMJ on page h4551

Authors: Andrew Mason

HPC Operations and Monitoring

Report published 16 Jul 2015

Authors: Michael A. Mason


Book published 3 Sep 2015 in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion

Authors: Patrick Q. Mason


Report published 2015

Authors: J M Journeay, F Dercole, D Mason