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JIV-Jurnal Ilmiah Visi

Journal published

Vollständige JIV-Halbringe mit negativen Elementen

Journal Article published 1974 in Mathematische Nachrichten volume 61 issue 1 on pages 37 to 46

Authors: Herbert Lugowski

Über nichtkommutative JIV-Monoide

Journal Article published 1976 in Mathematische Nachrichten volume 71 issue 1 on pages 153 to 164

Authors: Hans-Jürgen Vogel

Halbmoduln mit JIV-Ordnung

Journal Article published 1968 in Mathematische Nachrichten volume 38 issue 5-6 on pages 361 to 363

Authors: Herbert Lugowski

Somatic Chromosome Complex of the Human Embryo

Journal Article published 1936 in CYTOLOGIA volume 7 issue 3 on pages 371 to 388_1

Authors: A. H. Andres, B. V. Jiv

Fusobacterium nucleatum: a rare cause of pyogenic liver abscess

Journal Article published 19 Jun 2015 in SpringerPlus volume 4 issue 1

Authors: Sajan Jiv Singh Nagpal, Dhruvika Mukhija, Preethi Patel

Molecular chaperone Jiv promotes the RNA replication of classical swine fever virus

Journal Article published 24 Mar 2017 in Virus Genes volume 53 issue 3 on pages 426 to 433

Research funded by effect of CSFV non-structural proteins on TLRs-mediated innate immune response and underlying mechanism in swine macrophage (Project No. 31472210) | the function research of Molecular chaperone Jiv protein in persistent infection of Swine fever virus (A15-302-b01)

Authors: Kangkang Guo, Haimin Li, Xuechao Tan, Mengmeng Wu, Qizhuang Lv, Wei Liu, Yanming Zhang

Applications of the log Pearson type-3 distribution in hydrology

Journal Article published Aug 1984 in Journal of Hydrology volume 73 issue 3-4 on pages 359 to 372

Authors: Huynh Ngoc Phien, Thambirajah Jiv Ajirajah

Surface Deposition of Chitosan on Wool Substrate by Electrospraying

Journal Article published Sep 2011 in Advanced Materials Research volume 331 on pages 165 to 170

Authors: Saniyat Islam, Amit Jadhav, Jian Fang, Lyndon Arnold, Li Jing Wang, Ra Jiv Padhye, Xun Gai Wang, Tong Lin

New insights into pancreatic cancer-induced paraneoplastic diabetes

Journal Article published 26 Mar 2013 in Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology volume 10 issue 7 on pages 423 to 433

Authors: Raghuwansh P. Sah, Sajan Jiv Singh Nagpal, Debabrata Mukhopadhyay, Suresh T. Chari