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Sandro Ruffo: Remind of a master

Journal Article published 11 Mar 2011 in Subterranean Biology volume 8 on pages 69 to 70

Authors: Leonardo Latella, Beatrice Sambugar

The Cholevinae Kirby, 1837 (Coleoptera, Leiodidae) of the Maritime Alps

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Zoosystema volume 37 issue 4 on pages 595 to 604

Authors: Leonardo Latella

Aspects of the Evolution of an Important Geo-Ecosystem in the Lessinian Mountain (Venetian Prealps, Italy)

Journal Article published 1 Apr 2007 in Acta Carsologica volume 36 issue 1

Authors: Leonardo Latella, Ugo Sauro

Eocene isopods of Pesciara di Bolca (Italy) revisited

Journal Article published 15 Jun 2015 in Journal of Crustacean Biology volume 35 issue 4 on pages 540 to 546

Authors: Ronald Vonk, Roberto Zorzin, Leonardo Latella

Dikerogammarus villosus (Sowinsky, 1894) (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Gammaridae) for the first time in Italy

Journal Article published Mar 2006 in Italian Journal of Zoology volume 73 issue 1 on pages 97 to 104

Authors: Sandra Casellato, Giovanni La Piana, Leonardo Latella, Sandro Ruffo

New data on Apteroloma (Coleoptera: Agyrtidae) of central Asia and the Himalayas with a new synonymy

Journal Article published 19 Jun 2014 in Zootaxa volume 3974 issue 1 on page 93


Cold resistance in two species of cave-dwelling beetles (Coleoptera: Cholevidae)

Journal Article published Oct 2010 in Journal of Thermal Biology volume 35 issue 7 on pages 354 to 359

Authors: Valeria Lencioni, Paola Bernabò, Leonardo Latella

A multimodal approach in total hip arthroplasty preoperative templating

Journal Article published 5 Jul 2013 in Skeletal Radiology volume 42 issue 9 on pages 1287 to 1294

Authors: Massimiliano Marcucci, Pier Francesco Indelli, Leonardo Latella, Paolo Poli, Devin King

Primary posterior stabilized total knee arthroplasty: analysis of different instrumentation

Journal Article published 19 Jul 2014 in Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research volume 9 issue 1

Authors: Pier Francesco Indelli, Massimiliano Marcucci, Angelo Graceffa, Sophie Charlton, Leonardo Latella

Measurements of the diet in two species of Troglophilus Krauss, 1879 cave crickets from Italian subterranean habitats (Orthoptera, Rhaphidophoridae)

Journal Article published 18 Mar 2014 in Subterranean Biology volume 13 on pages 45 to 54

Authors: Leonardo Latella, Claudio Di Russo, Mauro Rampini, Marina Cobolli

Two new species of the genus Anemadus Reitter, 1885, from the Near East (Coleoptera: Cholevidae)

Journal Article published 7 Sep 2013 in Zootaxa volume 3718 issue 4 on page 378


Cryptorchestia ruffoi sp. n. from the island of Rhodes (Greece), revealed by morphological and phylogenetic analysis (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Talitridae)

Journal Article published 6 Feb 2017 in ZooKeys volume 652 on pages 37 to 54

Research funded by Sapienza Università di Roma

Authors: Domenico Davolos, Elvira De Matthaeis, Leonardo Latella, Ronald Vonk

Journal Article published 2001 in Formal Methods in System Design volume 19 issue 2 on pages 119 to 120

Authors: Stefania Gnesi, Diego Latella

Journal Article published 1998 in Formal Methods in System Design volume 12 issue 2 on pages 123 to 124

Authors: Stefania Gnesi, Diego Latella

Regioni arretrate e politiche comunitarie

Journal Article published 13 Dec 2012 in Finisterra volume 24 issue 48

Authors: Francesco Latella

Journal Article published 2000 in Journal of Materials Science Letters volume 19 issue 13 on pages 1127 to 1130

Authors: B. A. Latella

Formal Methods for Distributed System Development

Book published 2000

Editors: Tommaso Bolognesi, Diego Latella

Acute Colitis Following Colonoscopy

Journal Article published May 1998 in Endoscopy volume 30 issue 04 on pages 428 to 431

Authors: R. Caprilli, A. Viscido, G. Frieri, G. Latella

Journal Article published 2000 in Journal of Materials Science volume 35 issue 14 on pages 3505 to 3517

Authors: B. A. Latella, B. H. O'connor

Trade Preferences

Journal Article published 1 Jun 1971 in Millennium - Journal of International Studies volume 1 issue 1 on pages 48 to 54

Authors: J. Latella