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Journal Issue published Jul 2016 in Protein Science volume 25 issue 7

Editors: Dan Bolon, David Baker, Dan Tawfik

Chemistry — the lingua franca of the medical and biological sciences

Journal Article published Jan 1996 in Chemistry & Biology volume 3 issue 1 on pages 3 to 5

Authors: Arthur Kornberg

Chemistry, a lingua philosophica

Journal Article published Oct 2011 in Foundations of Chemistry volume 13 issue 3 on pages 233 to 249

Authors: Guillermo Restrepo, José L. Villaveces

Dammarane triterpenoids from rhizomes of Pyrrosia lingua

Journal Article published Dec 1998 in Phytochemistry volume 49 issue 8 on pages 2461 to 2466

Authors: Hiroshi Yamashita, Kazuo Masuda, Tomomi Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Ageta, Keniji Shiojima

Crime Scene Reconstruction Using a Fully Geomatic Approach

Journal Article published 8 Oct 2008 in Sensors volume 8 issue 10 on pages 6280 to 6302

Authors: Eros Agosto, Andrea Ajmar, Piero Boccardo, Fabio Giulio Tonolo, Andrea Lingua

UAV Deployment Exercise for Mapping Purposes: Evaluation of Emergency Response Applications

Journal Article published 2 Jul 2015 in Sensors volume 15 issue 7 on pages 15717 to 15737

Authors: Piero Boccardo, Filiberto Chiabrando, Furio Dutto, Fabio Tonolo, Andrea Lingua

Performance Analysis of the SIFT Operator for Automatic Feature Extraction and Matching in Photogrammetric Applications

Journal Article published 18 May 2009 in Sensors volume 9 issue 5 on pages 3745 to 3766

Authors: Andrea Lingua, Davide Marenchino, Francesco Nex

NDR1/STK38 potentiates NF-κB activation by its kinase activity

Journal Article published 4 Jun 2012 in Cell Biochemistry and Function volume 30 issue 8 on pages 664 to 670

Authors: Dan-Dan Shi, Hu Shi, Dan Lu, Rui Li, Yu Zhang, Jun Zhang

Relationship between epicardial adipose tissue volume measured using coronary computed tomography angiography and atherosclerotic plaque characteristics in patients with severe coronary artery stenosis

Journal Article published 17 Sep 2013 in Journal of International Medical Research volume 41 issue 5 on pages 1520 to 1531

Authors: Dan-Dan Dong, Kai Wang, Dan Wang, Tong Zhang, Ying-Feng Tu, Bao-Zhong Shen

Special Series: Advances in the investigation of the structure-function relationship in nucleic acids and their assemblies

Journal Article published Jun 2009 in Biopolymers volume 91 issue 6 on pages v to v

Authors: Dan Fabris

Editors: Dan Fabris