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Two new South American species ofSolanumsectionCrinitum(Solanaceae)

Journal Article published 1 Nov 2010 in PhytoKeys volume 1 issue 0

Authors: Frank Farruggia, Lynn Bohs

Revision of Solanum Section Cyphomandropsis (Solanaceae)

Journal Article published 2001 in Systematic Botany Monographs volume 61 on page 1

Authors: Lynn Bohs

Transfer of Cyphomandra (Solanaceae) and Its Species to Solanum

Journal Article published Nov 1995 in Taxon volume 44 issue 4 on page 583

Authors: Lynn Bohs

Cyphomandra (Solanaceae). Flora Neotropica. Monograph 63

Journal Article published 1995 in Kew Bulletin volume 50 issue 3 on page 660

Authors: Sandra Knapp, Lynn Bohs

Ethnobotany of the genusCyphomandra (Solanaceae)

Journal Article published Apr 1989 in Economic Botany volume 43 issue 2 on pages 143 to 163

Authors: Lynn Bohs

An explosive innovation: Phylogenetic relationships of Solanum section Gonatotrichum (Solanaceae)

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2012 in PhytoKeys volume 8 issue 0 on page 83

Authors: Stephen Stern, Lynn Bohs

Four New Species of Cyphomandra (Solanaceae) from South America

Journal Article published Apr 1988 in Systematic Botany volume 13 issue 2 on page 265

Authors: Lynn Bohs

A New Species of Solarium Section Cyphomandropsis (Solanaceae) from Bolivia

Journal Article published 1994 in Novon volume 4 issue 3 on page 203

Authors: Lynn Bohs

Two new species ofSolanum(Solanaceae) from the Amotape-Huancabamba Zone of southern Ecuador and northern Peru

Journal Article published 1 Nov 2010 in PhytoKeys volume 1 issue 0

Authors: Stephen Stern, Lynn Bohs

Flora Neotropica Monograph 63. Cyphomandra (Solanaceae).

Journal Article published Jul 1995 in Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club volume 122 issue 3 on page 249

Authors: Michael Nee, Lynn Bohs