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Possible Karyological Affinities of Small Mammals from North of the Ethiopian Plateau

Chapter published in African Biodiversity on pages 315 to 319

Authors: Nina Sh. Bulatova, Leonid A. Lavrenchenko

Variants of the Y‐chromosome in sympatric taxa ofMusin southern USSR

Journal Article published Jan 1990 in Bolletino di zoologia volume 57 issue 4 on pages 357 to 360

Authors: Nina Bulatova, Elena Kotenkova

Constancy of the chromosome set in polyploid earthworms with special reference toEisenia nordenskioldi(Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae)

Journal Article published Jan 1987 in Bolletino di zoologia volume 54 issue 4 on pages 289 to 291

Authors: Nina Bulatova, Tamara S. Perel, Alexander S. Graphodatsky

Three new karyotypes extend a Robertsonian fan in Ethiopian spiny mice of the genus Acomys I. Geoffroy, 1838 (Mammalia, Rodentia)

Journal Article published 22 Dec 2011 in Comparative Cytogenetics volume 5 issue 5 on pages 423 to 431

Authors: Nina Bulatova, Leonid Lavrenchenko, Rena Nadjafova

The diversity of chromosome races in Sorex araneus from European Russia

Journal Article published 15 Oct 2000 in Acta Theriologica volume 45 on pages 33 to 46

Authors: Nina Bulatova, Jeremy B. Searle, Natalia Bystrakova, Rena Nadjafova, Nikolai Shchipanov, Victor Orlov

Journal Article published 2001 in Russian Journal of Genetics volume 37 issue 5 on pages 587 to 590

Authors: Yu. K. Gorelov, N. Sh. Bulatova

Postoperative Fever (Case 29)

Chapter published 2009 in Surgery: A Competency-Based Companion on pages 347 to 355

Authors: Charles Shieh, Julia Bulatova, Mary Ann Hopkins

Journal Article published 2002 in Russian Journal of Genetics volume 38 issue 1 on pages 64 to 69

Authors: N. Sh. Bulatova, R. S. Nadjafova, T. P. Krapivko

Journal Article published 2002 in Doklady Biological Sciences volume 386 issue 1/6 on pages 466 to 468

Authors: N. A. Shchipanov, N. Sh. Bulatova, M. L. Oparin

Journal Article published 2002 in Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics volume 43 issue 6 on pages 902 to 909

Authors: V. Sh. Shagapov, Z. A. Bulatova