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Multidrug-ResistantAcinetobacter baumanniiClone, France

Journal Article published May 2013 in Emerging Infectious Diseases volume 19 issue 5 on pages 822 to 823

Authors: Rémy A. Bonnin, Gaëlle Cuzon, Laurent Poirel, Patrice Nordmann

The real threat of Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing bacteria

Journal Article published Apr 2009 in The Lancet Infectious Diseases volume 9 issue 4 on pages 228 to 236

Authors: Patrice Nordmann, Gaelle Cuzon, Thierry Naas

Worldwide Dissemination of theblaOXA-23Carbapenemase Gene ofAcinetobacter baumannii1

Journal Article published Jan 2009 in Emerging Infectious Diseases volume 16 issue 1 on pages 35 to 40

Authors: Pauline D. Mugnier, Laurent Poirel, Thierry Naas, Patrice Nordmann

Worldwide Diversity ofKlebsiella pneumoniaeThat Produce β-LactamaseblaKPC-2Gene1

Journal Article published Sep 2010 in Emerging Infectious Diseases volume 16 issue 9 on pages 1349 to 1356

Authors: Gaëlle Cuzon, Thierry Naas, HaVy Truong, Maria-Virginia Villegas, Karin T. Wisell, Yehuda Carmeli, Ana. C. Gales, Shiri Navon-Venezia, John P. Quinn, Patrice Nordmann

Neonatal infections with multidrug-resistant ESBL-producing E. cloacae and K. pneumoniae in Neonatal Units of two different Hospitals in Antananarivo, Madagascar

Journal Article published 10 Jun 2016 in BMC Infectious Diseases volume 16 issue 1

Authors: T. Naas, G. Cuzon, A. L. Robinson, Z. Andrianirina, P. Imbert, E. Ratsima, Z. N. Ranosiarisoa, P. Nordmann, J. Raymond

Rotarix: A Rotavirus Vaccine for the World

Journal Article published 15 Jan 2009 in Clinical Infectious Diseases volume 48 issue 2 on pages 222 to 228

Authors: Richard L. Ward, David I. Bernstein

Carbapénèmases de type KPC : quel enjeu en microbiologie clinique ?

Journal Article published Feb 2010 in Pathologie Biologie volume 58 issue 1 on pages 39 to 45

Authors: G. Cuzon, T. Naas, P. Nordmann

Dissemination of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in France, 2012

Journal Article published 24 Nov 2013 in Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy volume 69 issue 3 on pages 623 to 627

Authors: L. Dortet, G. Cuzon, P. Nordmann

Trends in carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae, France, 2012 to 2014

Journal Article published 9 Feb 2017 in Eurosurveillance volume 22 issue 6

Authors: Laurent Dortet, Gaëlle Cuzon, Valérie Ponties, Patrice Nordmann

Global Spread of Carbapenemase-producingEnterobacteriaceae

Journal Article published Oct 2011 in Emerging Infectious Diseases volume 17 issue 10 on pages 1791 to 1798

Authors: Patrice Nordmann, Thierry Naas, Laurent Poirel