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S. Thomae Aquinatis Doctoris Communis Ecclesiae Opuscula Omnia necnon Opera Minora ad fidem codicum restituit ac edidit R. P. Joannes Perrier, O.P. Tomus Primus: Opuscula Philosophica. (Paris: P. Lethielleux. 1949. Pp. xx + 620. Price Fr. 1,500)

Journal Article published Oct 1950 in Philosophy volume 25 issue 95 on pages 370 to 371

Authors: Frederick C. Copleston

Fronto’s Opuscula A. Peri: M. Cornelii Frontonis Opuscula I: Arion—De feriis Alsiensibus. Edizione critica e commento. Pp. xxviii + 172. Cassino: Università degli Studi di Cassino, 2004. Paper. ISBN: 88-8317-022-9.

Journal Article published Oct 2005 in The Classical Review volume 55 issue 02 on page 554

Authors: Leofranc Holford-Strevens


Journal Article published 1958 in The Journal of Roman Studies volume 48 issue 1/2 on page 228

Authors: Peter Stein, Plinio Fraccaro

M. Parca: The Franchetti Collection in Rome. Inscriptions and Sculptural Fragments . (Opuscula Epigraphica, 6.) Pp. 132, 18 pls. Rome: Edizioni Quasar, 1995. Paper. ISBN: 88-7140-085-2. L. Chioffi: Gli Elogia Augustei del Foro Romano. Aspetti epigrafici e topografici . (Opuscula Epigraphica, 7.) Pp. 92, 13 pls. Rome: Edizioni Quasar, 1996. Paper. ISBN: 88-7140-091-7.

Journal Article published Oct 2001 in The Classical Review volume 51 issue 02 on page 418

Authors: Edward Bispham

Erik Iversen: Egyptian and Hermetic Doctrine. (Opuscula Graecolatina, 27.) Pp. 71. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 1984. Paper, D.Kr. 180.

Journal Article published Oct 1986 in The Classical Review volume 36 issue 02 on pages 323 to 324

Authors: J. Gwyn Griffiths

Bodil Due: Antiphon: A study in argumentation. (Opuscula graecolatina (Supplementa Musei Tusculani).) Pp. 75. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum, 1980. Paper.

Journal Article published Apr 1982 in The Classical Review volume 32 issue 01 on page 95

Authors: C. W. Macleod

G. Zuntz: Opuscula Selecta: Classica, Hellenistica, Christiana. Pp. vii+322. Manchester: University Press, 1972. Cloth, £4·80.

Journal Article published Oct 1974 in The Classical Review volume 24 issue 02 on pages 317 to 318

Authors: Hugh Lloyd-Jones

Francesco Della Corte: Opuscula, ii. Pp. 295. Genoa: Università, Istituto di Filologia Classica, 1972. Paper.

Journal Article published Dec 1973 in The Classical Review volume 23 issue 02 on page 295

Die Opuscula Agrimensorum Veterum und die Entstehung der Kaiserzeitlichen Limitations theorie

Journal Article published 1998 in The Journal of Roman Studies volume 88 on page 194

Authors: Brian Campbell, P. Von Cranach

Synesii Cyrenensis Hymni et Opuscula. Vol. I: Hymni. Ed. N. Terzaghi. Pp. xlvii + 323. Rome: Reale Accademia d'Italia, 1939.

Journal Article published Nov 1949 in The Journal of Hellenic Studies volume 69 on page 102

Authors: M. Alford