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(Former) Yugoslavia

Chapter published 1994 in International Handbook of Earthquake Engineering on pages 528 to 535

Authors: Dimitar Jurukovski, Predrag Gavrilovic

Europäische Regelungen für Indirekteinleiter

Chapter published 1995 in Abwassertechnik on pages 111 to 120

Authors: Predrag Ilic

Narrative aspects of the hypertext

Journal Article published 2015 in Kultura issue 149 on pages 205 to 225

Authors: Predrag Rodic

The organism concept: Kant’s methodological turn

Chapter published in Purposiveness

Authors: Predrag Šustar

Digital Processing and Reconstruction of Complex AC Signals

Book published 2009

Authors: Predrag Petrović, Milorad Stevanović

Molecular Challenges to Adaptationism

Chapter published 2016 in Evolutionary Biology on pages 273 to 287

Authors: Predrag Šustar, Zdenka Brzović

Weisheit und Liebe bei Paulus

Journal Article published Jan 2013 in Evangelische Theologie volume 73 issue 1

Authors: Predrag Dragutinović

Positioning in Cellular Networks

Chapter published 26 Apr 2011 in Cellular Networks - Positioning, Performance Analysis, Reliability

Authors: Mirjana Simi, Predrag Pejovi


Conference Paper published Nov 2016 in ICERI2016 Proceedings

Authors: Predrag Oreski

Knowing when to stop: How noise frees us from determinism

Conference Paper published 2012

Authors: Predrag Cvitanović, Domenico Lippolis

The mysterious Misirlou

Journal Article published 2013 in Muzikologija issue 15 on pages 61 to 89

Authors: Predrag Todorovic

Kant’s Account of Biological Causation

Chapter published in Kant's Theory of Biology

Authors: Predrag Šustar


Chapter published 2016 in Rich's Vascular Trauma on pages 293 to 296

Authors: Zvonimir Lovrić, Predrag Pavić

Odbrana kritike

Journal Article published 1963 in Books Abroad volume 37 issue 2 on page 217

Authors: Tom Eekman, Predrag Palavestra

Refuz mrtvak

Journal Article published 1971 in Books Abroad volume 45 issue 1 on page 159

Authors: Predrag Palavestra, Vidosav Stevanović

Roman o Londonu

Journal Article published 1972 in Books Abroad volume 46 issue 4 on page 702

Authors: Predrag Palavestra, Miloš Crnjanski

Dešifriranje vage

Journal Article published 1973 in Books Abroad volume 47 issue 2 on page 389

Authors: Predrag Protić, Ante Stamać

Liturgical assumptions Dionysius' christology

Journal Article published 2013 in Sabornost issue 7 on pages 43 to 57

Authors: Petrovic Predrag

Pobožni djavo

Journal Article published 1976 in Books Abroad volume 50 issue 4 on page 914

Authors: Predrag Protić, Vojin Jelić

O pinhasu

Journal Article published 4 Jun 2016 in Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne issue 10 on page 343

Authors: Predrag Finci