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Cycle expansions for intermittent diffusion

Journal Article published 1 Dec 1997 in Physical Review E volume 56 issue 6 on pages 6687 to 6692

Authors: C. P. Dettmann, Predrag Cvitanović

Modulated amplitude waves in Bose-Einstein condensates

Journal Article published 12 Apr 2004 in Physical Review E volume 69 issue 4

Authors: Mason A. Porter, Predrag Cvitanović

Feynman-Dyson rules in parametric space

Journal Article published 15 Dec 1974 in Physical Review D volume 10 issue 12 on pages 3978 to 3991

Authors: Predrag Cvitanovic, T. Kinoshita

Number and weights of Feynman diagrams

Journal Article published 15 Sep 1978 in Physical Review D volume 18 issue 6 on pages 1939 to 1949

Authors: Predrag Cvitanović, B. Lautrup, Robert B. Pearson

Scaling Laws for Mode Lockings in Circle Maps

Journal Article published 1 Oct 1985 in Physica Scripta volume 32 issue 4 on pages 263 to 270

Authors: Predrag Cvitanovic, Boris Shraiman, Bo Söderberg

Spinors in Negative Dimensions

Journal Article published 1 Jul 1982 in Physica Scripta volume 26 issue 1 on pages 5 to 14

Authors: Predrag Cvitanovic, A D Kennedy

Dynamical averaging in terms of periodic orbits

Journal Article published May 1995 in Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena volume 83 issue 1-3 on pages 109 to 123

Authors: Predrag Cvitanović

Unstable recurrent patterns in Kuramoto-Sivashinsky dynamics

Journal Article published 18 Aug 2008 in Physical Review E volume 78 issue 2

Authors: Yueheng Lan, Predrag Cvitanović

Complex universality

Journal Article published Jun 1989 in Communications in Mathematical Physics volume 121 issue 2 on pages 225 to 254

Authors: Predrag Cvitanović, Jan Myrheim

Chaos is good news for physics

Journal Article published Oct 1987 in Nature volume 329 issue 6138 on pages 391 to 392

Authors: Tomas Bohr, Predrag Cvitanović