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What do students ask themselves during lectures?

Conference Paper published Sep 2012 in 2012 15th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL)

Authors: Juraj Petrovic, Ana Sovic, Mihita Cvitanovic, Predrag Pale, Damir Sersic

Reduction of continuous symmetries of chaotic flows by the method of slices

Journal Article published May 2012 in Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation volume 17 issue 5 on pages 2074 to 2084

Authors: Stefan Froehlich, Predrag Cvitanović

Cartography of high-dimensional flows: A visual guide to sections and slices

Journal Article published Dec 2012 in Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science volume 22 issue 4 on page 047506

Research funded by National Science Foundation (CBET-0853691, DMS-0807574)

Authors: Predrag Cvitanović, Daniel Borrero-Echeverry, Keith M. Carroll, Bryce Robbins, Evangelos Siminos

Are the carotid kinking and coiling underestimated entities?

Journal Article published 2012 in Vojnosanitetski pregled volume 69 issue 7 on pages 616 to 619

Authors: Djordje Radak, Srdjan Babic, Slobodan Tanaskovic, Predrag Matic, Vuk Sotirovic, Predrag Stevanovic, Predrag Jovanovic, Predrag Gajin

(Post)socijalizam i okoliš: promjena kulturnoga krajobraza Pridravske nizine Osijeka u posljednjih pedeset godina

Journal Article published 8 Jan 2012 in Sociologija i prostor on pages 327 to 343

Authors: Jelena Lončar, Marin Cvitanović

Kako ublažiti posljedice demografskog starenja stanovništva Hrvatske?

Journal Article published 2012 in Aktualni osvrti

Authors: Predrag Bejaković

Knowing when to stop: How noise frees us from determinism

Conference Paper published 2012

Authors: Predrag Cvitanović, Domenico Lippolis

Simulation of Power Electronic Converters Using Quasi Steady State Approximation

Journal Article published 26 Dec 2012 in Electronics ETF

Authors: Predrag Pejović

World Trade Organization and the Global Risks

Chapter published 2012 in Better Business Regulation in a Risk Society on pages 193 to 206

Authors: Predrag Bjelić

Писмо и култура памћења

Journal Article published 30 Jun 2012 in Филолог – часопис за језик, књижевност и културу volume 0 issue 5

Authors: Predrag Dilparić