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David Ritz Finkelstein

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Physics Today volume 70 issue 2 on pages 68 to 69

Authors: Predrag Cvitanović, Leonard Susskind

Juraj Matija Šporer eminent medical doctor and patriot

Journal Article published 1 Jun 2017 in Medicina fluminensis volume 53 issue 2 on pages 198 to 203

Authors: Hrvoje Cvitanović, Ervin Jančić, Vladimir Bauer, Vladimir Cvitanović, Igor Salopek

Large-scale computational models of liver metabolism: How far from the clinics?

Journal Article published 30 Aug 2017 in Hepatology volume 66 issue 4 on pages 1323 to 1334

Research funded by Seventh Framework Programme (305033) | Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (031L005) | Javna Agencija za Raziskovalno Dejavnost RS (P1-0390, P2-0359, J1-6740) | ELIXIR

Authors: Tanja Cvitanović, Matthias C. Reichert, Miha Moškon, Miha Mraz, Frank Lammert, Damjana Rozman

Some personality traits in patients with bipolar II disorder

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in European Psychiatry volume 41 on page S213

Authors: M. Zuljan Cvitanovic, I. Stipetic, D. Lasic

Extraction and formulation of bioactive compounds

Chapter published 2017 in Handbook of Coffee Processing By-Products on pages 93 to 140

Authors: Ana Belščak-Cvitanović, Draženka Komes

Nanoscale nutrient delivery systems

Chapter published 2017 in Nutrient Delivery on pages 87 to 139

Authors: Verica Đorđević, Ana Belščak-Cvitanović, Ivana Drvenica, Draženka Komes, Viktor Nedović, Branko Bugarski

Thoron, radon and air ions spatial distribution in indoor air

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Journal of Environmental Radioactivity volume 173 on pages 70 to 74

Authors: Predrag Kolarž, Janja Vaupotič, Ivan Kobal, Predrag Ujić, Zdenka Stojanovska, Zora S. Žunić

Information Theory and Coding - Solved Problems

Book published 2017

Authors: Predrag Ivaniš, Dušan Drajić

Philosophy as the Wisdom of Love

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2017 in Ethics & Bioethics volume 7 issue 1-2

Authors: Predrag Cicovacki

Poverty Alleviation: The Case of Croatia

Chapter published 4 Oct 2017 in Poverty, Inequality and Policy

Authors: Predrag Bejaković

Electrical measurements revisited — Experiences from modernizing the course

Conference Paper published Jul 2017 in IEEE EUROCON 2017 -17th International Conference on Smart Technologies

Authors: Predrag Pejovic

The Informal Economy in Global Perspective

Book published 2017

Editors: Abel Polese, Colin C. Williams, Ioana A. Horodnic, Predrag Bejakovic


Conference Paper published Mar 2017 in INTED2017 Proceedings

Authors: Predrag Matkovic, Veselin Pavlicevic, Pere Tumbas

Vodi li globalizacija "sukobu civilizacija"?

Journal Article published 14 Oct 2017 in Acta Iadertina volume 9 issue 1

Authors: Predrag Režan

Marginalization Between Border and Metropolis: Drivers of Socio-Spatial Change in Post-socialist Croatia

Chapter published 2 Aug 2017 in Perspectives on Geographical Marginality on pages 313 to 327

Authors: Marin Cvitanović, Borna Fuerst-Bjeliš

Influence of plant extracts on bacterial adhesion

Journal Article published Aug 2017 in Journal of Biotechnology volume 256 on page S72

Authors: Ana Huđek, Florentina CuCkovic, Višnja BaCun DruZina, Arijana Bušic, Ana BelšCak Cvitanovic, DraZenka Komes, Ksenija Durgo

Adapting to climate change: the role of organisational personalities in natural resource management

Journal Article published 4 Oct 2017 in Regional Environmental Change

Authors: Alistair J. Hobday, Veronica A. J. Doerr, Nadine A. Marshall, Christopher Cvitanovic, Lilly Lim-Camacho

Preparing Australian fisheries for the critical decade: insights from the past 25 years

Journal Article published 2017 in Marine and Freshwater Research volume 68 issue 10 on page 1779

Authors: Alistair J. Hobday, Christopher Cvitanovic

Planetary boundaries for a blue planet

Journal Article published 24 Oct 2017 in Nature Ecology & Evolution

Authors: Kirsty L. Nash, Christopher Cvitanovic, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Benjamin S. Halpern, E. J. Milner-Gulland, Reg A. Watson, Julia L. Blanchard

Correlation between sagittal jaws position and jaws relationship in children with skeletal class III malocclusion

Journal Article published 2017 in Srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvo issue 00 on pages 136 to 136

Authors: Zdenka Stojanovic, Zlata Brkic, Predrag Vucinic, Predrag Nikolic, Marjan Marjanovic