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Journal Article published 1997 in Automated Software Engineering volume 4 issue 2 on pages 121 to 150

Authors: Henrik Nilsson, Jan Sparud

Molecular identification of fungi

Chapter published 28 Oct 2016 in Molecular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis on pages 299 to 322

Authors: Leho Tedersoo, R Henrik Nilsson

Microparticles for selective protein determination in capillary electrophoresis

Journal Article published Jul 2001 in ELECTROPHORESIS volume 22 issue 12 on pages 2384 to 2390

Authors: Henrik Nilsson, Martin Wiklund, Thomas Johansson, Hans M. Hertz, Staffan Nilsson

Journal Article published 2005 in BMC Bioinformatics volume 6 issue 1 on page 178

Authors: R Henrik Nilsson, Erik Kristiansson, Martin Ryberg, Karl-Henrik Larsson

Journal Article published 2004 in BMC Bioinformatics volume 5 issue 1 on page 87

Authors: R Henrik Nilsson, Balaji Rajashekar, Karl-Henrik Larsson, Björn M Ursing

The Choice Between Rights Offerings and Private Equity Placements

Journal Article published in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Henrik Cronqvist, Mattias Nilsson

Switched-On Yampa

Chapter published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 282 to 298

Authors: George Giorgidze, Henrik Nilsson

Does Corporate Culture Matter for Investment and Financial Policies?

Journal Article published in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Henrik Cronqvist, Angie Low, Mattias Nilsson

Different Approaches in Nordic File Sharing Case Law

Journal Article published Jan 2006 in Computer Law Review International volume 7 issue 6

Authors: Henrik Nilsson

Metaxa, Overview

Chapter published 2014 in Encyclopedia of Metagenomics on pages 1 to 5

Authors: Johan Bengtsson-Palme, Martin Hartmann, K. Martin Eriksson, R Henrik Nilsson