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Journal Article published 2002 in Mycopathologia volume 155 issue 3 on pages 135 to 141

Authors: Kashinath Bhattacharya, Subrata Raha


Dataset published in Encyclopédie de l’Islam


Dataset published in Encyclopédie de l’Islam


Dataset published in Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition

Q&A with Subir Raha

Journal Article published 1 Jun 2005 in Journal of Petroleum Technology volume 57 issue 06 on pages 28 to 30

Authors: Subir Raha, John Donnelly

Photo-stability of rhodamine-B/montmorillonite nanopigments in polypropylene matrix

Journal Article published 28 Jun 2008 in Applied Clay Science


Habitability and biogenic effects on planetary atmospheres

Journal Article published 20 Aug 2012 in International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research volume 1 issue 4 on pages 551 to 561

Authors: Bhattacharya A.B, Raha B

Studies on the photodegradation of carbofuran

Journal Article published Jul 1994 in Chemosphere volume 29 issue 2 on pages 155 to 162

Authors: Amitava Bhattacharya, P. Raha, Asit K. Das, N. Adityachaudhury

Morphological Characterisation and Dynamic Rheology of Nano-Structured Blends of Polystyrene and SEBS

Journal Article published Jan 2010 in Journal of Polymer Engineering volume 30 issue 5-7

Authors: S. Raha, N. Kao, S. Bhattacharya

Speed optimization of a FPGA based modified viterbi decoder

Conference Paper published Jan 2013 in 2013 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics

Authors: D. Chakraborty, P. Raha, A. Bhattacharya, R. Dutta

Plant Stress Response: Hsp70 in the Spotlight

Chapter published 2016 in Heat Shock Proteins on pages 123 to 147

Authors: Doel Ray, Anupama Ghosh, Soumyajit Banerjee Mustafi, Sanghamitra Raha

Can Cosmic Strangelets Reach the Earth?

Journal Article published 14 Aug 2000 in Physical Review Letters volume 85 issue 7 on pages 1384 to 1387

Authors: Shibaji Banerjee, Sanjay K. Ghosh, Sibaji Raha, Debapriyo Syam

Neuroprotective Effect of TREM-2 in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Model

Journal Article published 1 Nov 2016 in Journal of Alzheimer's Disease volume 55 issue 1 on pages 199 to 217

Authors: Animesh Alexander Raha, James W. Henderson, Simon R.W. Stott, Romina Vuono, Simona Foscarin, Robert P. Friedland, Shahid H. Zaman, Ruma Raha-Chowdhury

Evaluation of impact of participatory Forest Management on forest cover of West Bengal through real time monitoring using Remote Sensing Technology

Journal Article published 2016 in International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology volume 1 issue 2

Authors: Atanu Kumar Raha, Amitav V. Mishra, Sumita Ghatak, Sumana Bhattacharjee, Srilekha Raha, Souvik Saha, Ranajit Sengupta

Identification, structure, and phylogenetic relationships of a mitogen-activated protein kinase homologue from the parasitic protist Entamoeba histolytica

Journal Article published Feb 2005 in Gene volume 346 on pages 41 to 50

Authors: Doel Ray, Suman Dutta, Sampali Banerjee, Rahul Banerjee, Sanghamitra Raha

Expression and cellular localization of hepcidin mRNA and protein in normal rat brain

Journal Article published 21 Apr 2015 in BMC Neuroscience volume 16 issue 1

Authors: Ruma Raha-Chowdhury, Animesh Alexander Raha, Serhiy Forostyak, Jing-Wei Zhao, Simon Russell William Stott, Adrian Bomford

Journal Article published 2015 in World Literature Today volume 89 issue 5 on page 69

Authors: Raha Namy

Journal Article published 2015 in World Literature Today volume 89 issue 2 on page 65

Authors: Raha Namy

Obituary: CLARICE G. RAHA, M.B

Journal Article published 16 Jan 1960 in BMJ volume 1 issue 5167 on pages 206 to 206

Stratification and Religion in a Himalayan Society

Chapter published in Himalayan Anthropology