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Arctic and Alpine Mycology II

Book published 1987

Editors: Gary A. Laursen, Joseph F. Ammirati, Scott A. Redhead

A New Species of Campanella from North America

Journal Article published Jan 1974 in Mycologia volume 66 issue 1 on page 183

Authors: Scott A. Redhead

Observations on the Rhizoids of Andreaea

Journal Article published 1973 in The Bryologist volume 76 issue 1 on page 185

Authors: Scott A. Redhead


Chapter published 1987 in Arctic and Alpine Mycology II on pages 1 to 2

Authors: Gary A. Laursen, Joseph F. Ammirati, Scott A. Redhead

On Non-Postmodernity by Steve Redhead

Chapter published 15 Jan 2008 in The Jean Baudrillard Reader on pages 1 to 13

Authors: Steve Redhead

British Fungus Flora. Agarics and Boleti: 2. Coprinaceae Part 1: Coprinus

Journal Article published Jan 1980 in Mycologia volume 72 issue 1 on page 223

Authors: Scott A. Redhead, P. D. Orton, R. Watling

Agar "Baits" for the Collection of Aquatic Fungi

Journal Article published Sep 1975 in Mycologia volume 67 issue 5 on page 1020

Authors: Robert J. Bandoni, John D. Parsons, Scott A. Redhead

Pseudotulostoma: The Find of The Century?

Journal Article published Oct 2001 in Mycological Research volume 105 issue 10 on page 1154

Authors: Scott A. Redhead

Flammulina mexicana, a New Mexican Species

Journal Article published Sep 2000 in Mycologia volume 92 issue 5 on page 1009

Authors: Scott A. Redhead, Arturo Estrada-Torres, Ronald H. Petersen

Report of the Committee for Algae: 8

Journal Article published Nov 2004 in Taxon volume 53 issue 4 on page 1065

Authors: Pierre Compere, John McNeill, Scott A. Redhead, John H. Wiersema